What is the difference between romantic love and love between siblings and which type of love is more superior?

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Each kind of love is different. Love between siblings is the devotion of family. You may not always like each other, but because of the blood relationship, there is no way for you to back out. Relationship love is different. You can back out of a relationship, and sometimes the love fades. As a result, romantic love requires more work to keep it up in the long run, while you know that family is there for you, no matter what. Neither kind is superior because they are so different.
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What the difference between I love you and I'm in love with you?

i love you is when a person cares about you and have all goody feelings and its at that point where you can use that expression "i love you", in love is when the relationship is more ready for a physical stage and more passionate. in either one you feel like you could die without the person being wi (MORE)

What is the difference between love and being in love?

Well people can say I love you. But sometimes they don't :/ Only say love if you really mean it. Love is a precious word. Love means you love them you think their beautiful, You would do anything for them. That's love. Hope this helped Carlo

What is the difference between love and lust?

Love is when you really care about someone as a person. Lust is all about sex, if you have lust instead of love, you want to be with the person only because you are physically attracted to them. Physical attraction is part of love, but that's not all there is to love.

The different between love and romance?

I beg to differ, i believe love is the feeling you have once you have known or been with someone for a really long period of time and you feel like if they were to walk away you really couldn't handle it, and you life is incomplete without them. and even though one day your not crying over them anym (MORE)

What is the difference between love and flirting?

\nFlirting is barely like the person ,it's just like having fun by trying .... u know to be close with,well mostly guys use this term so i will say girl though it is helpful in building your courage when facing a girl especially when u finally meet ,'the one'.However if actually u have quite a bit o (MORE)

What is the difference between love and in love?

Ok, when you love someone, you care deeply about them. For example: You love your mother, you love your best friend, you love your brother (even though he may be a jerk sometimes), you love your father. When you are IN LOVE with someone, you also care deeply about them, but in a different way. Thin (MORE)

What is the difference between being in love and love?

Being in love is, with another person who feels the same as you do. Who you want to spend the rest of you life with and start a family. Now love is the strong feeling of how much someone or something is of value to you. You love your mom and dad, but are not in love with them. You may love your (MORE)

Whats the difference between in love and love?

When you love someone, your love for them grows each day. you cant imagine a life without them. Every day you feel your heart has reached its largest point and the next day it grows yet again for this person. They become as much a part of you as you are, you love them. When you are in love with some (MORE)

What is the difference between pity and love?

The difference between pity and love is a major plot point in a lot of modern day literature. The two words mean very different things, but sometimes the two of them can be confused for each other. Pity is when someone feels bad for you and is only hanging out with you because they feel sorry for y (MORE)

What is different between love and sex?

Answer . Love is an emotional thing -- and an emotional thing only. It's an inner fulfilment that brings bliss through acceptance and being loved in return. Sex, on the other hand, can simply be pleasure-only -- through your body. It can be done with emotion, or without emotion. It can be about l (MORE)

Difference between Love and in love?

Well wats the difference of love and love,Is that when u love love somebody u always think about him/her u fell like u have to be with that person 24/7 and u deeply care about that person and u want to be mor than just friends:] Well I think it could be the same thing. But then again it can get t (MORE)

What is the different between love and like?

Love doesn't exist. It's a mind trick. A game your mind plays with you whether you want to play or not. Like is really just lust. That's the difference.. -Alexander Rodriguez-.

Difference between infatuation and love?

If you're infatuated by someone, you're just having a little crush on them. If you love that special someone, that's some deep mess you got on your hands. That comes from the inside

What is the difference between be in love and love someone?

To be "in love" often employs the connotation of romantic love. You'd be in love with a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. To just "love someone" is usually taken in a platonic way, "I love my sister, I love my mom, I love my son, etc." On some occasions the terms are used interchangeably but tho (MORE)

What is the difference between i love you and im in love with you?

You can "love" lots of PLACES and THINGS, sometimes people even. You would love your parents or children, but you are "in love" with your husband or boyfriend/girlfriend. There is a whole different meaning to "being in love" Being in love is an emotion of longing to be with a certain person, like yo (MORE)

Is there a difference between love and lust?

The difference between love and lust is that love is a feeling of extreme liking towards another person and you like them for who they are, but lust is more of a sexual feeling towards another persons body but you don't really like them for who they are.

What is different between love and in love?

your kidding me?!. you should definitally know when you in love... like butterflies every single time you see them, uhm no matter what they do you still love them, every time you kiss you get that feeling, where you swear you can fly, and every time you touch your heart beats slow, and you dont wan (MORE)

Is there a difference between I love you and I am in love with you?

it depends on the answering party. if someone generally is just like "i love you" it can be taken in many ways; like brother to brother, friend to friend, or partner to partner. it can be paraphrased as "i really care about you" But to be 'in love with you' is usually an exchange between partner (MORE)

What is the difference between love and sexual love?

Well, It isn't really rocket science. Love is when you feel they are part of you. Like your names should be twined- like Romeo and Juliet And you would do anything for them, risk your life for theirs Sexual love is when you actually want them part of you. You know what it is? Well, It's when you h (MORE)

The difference between love and in love?

Love means the deep affection or fondness of one person to another. In love means a deeply/intensely, romantically and sexually involved relationship between people.

What is the difference between in love?

If you love someone you can love them as a friend or family. But if you are in love with someone you love them passionatly and your heart jumps into your throat every time you think or see them.

How does courtly love differ from romantic love?

Personally I think courtly love is different because u save urself from sex for marriage and u actually care about the person enough to respect them and not have sex where romantic love is i think where u do whatever 'feels' right where as courting is more of what u want for the other person and sav (MORE)

What is the difference between obsessed and in love?

There is more of a difference then there may seem! Answer theese quick quisitons: 1. Do you know more about him/her then he/she knows you know? 2. If he/she knew evrything you know about them would they be creeped out? 3. Do you think about them 24/7? 4.Does almost everything remind you of t (MORE)

What is the difference between love and liking?

When you love someone, you are willing to do anything for that person. You can't see your self without him/her. When you like someone you can see yourself hanging out and having fun, but you cant see yourself living with him/her or marrying him/her.

What is the difference between i love you and I'm in love with you?

There is actually a big difference in the two.......love is a broad word.........When you say i love you its a feeling that is just there like you can love your cousin or you mom........when you say you are IN love its just somehing constant, something that comes up on your feeling or head or what e (MORE)

What is the difference between love and passion?

love is something you get when you really like someone and wont do anything dumb to break it. passion is something you live for and will always want more of, or it can be were u never wanna let something go and give to the (thing) whenever you can thing meaning- hobby, boy, girl, job etc.

What is the difference between with love and in love?

Love can be short, not too deep and love can be very deep and enduring. Love can be for a person, place, or thing (either physical or abstract). Being in love is the beginning of love; it can endure to become love or it can be a passing fancy. Or I love my mum but I'm not in love with her. (MORE)

What is the difference between love and obsessive?

well the difference is if your obsessed with somebody you're addicted to them. they obviously did something to make you obsessed like flirted with you or turned you on in someway. so love is you are truly commited to them and want to spend the rest of your life with them. they treat you like you are (MORE)

Which love is more superior - love for siblings or love for parents or romantic love?

I'm afraid your question is very difficult- possibly impossible- to answer. The relationships held between individuals varies greatly, so the love between two people- lovers, for example- may be considered more superior to one couple than it is for another couple (considering that they value the l (MORE)

Is there a difference between love you and I love you?

YES. Not a big difference, but there is a difference. When someone says, "love you." They mean it playfully. Like, love ya. Like your saying it to your best friend or something along those lines... When someone says, "I love you," it means they actually love you. They can't stop thinking about (MORE)

What is the different between i love and love you?

A huge difference. First off. I love you, sounds more romantic than just...Love you. Plus, I love you, gives more depth into the sentence. Also given the tone, but still. I love you still melts a girl/guy. Love you on the other hand. Makes the girl/guy think if you really do love her. Hope I helped (MORE)

What difference between friendship and love?

Friendship is just being able to talk about things and having fun together. Although sometimes you might feel like it's, "love", it probably isn't. Remember, love isn't selfish. Do you truly like this person other than their looks? Would you be mad if they were dating somebody else? Those are a few (MORE)

What does it mean when a man writes i know that I love you so much does he love me romantically or is just trying to be friendly what is the difference between i love you and i love you so much?

It is clear that he likes you're presence more than other girls, but in this case, he may be saying the same thing to other girls as well. "I love you" is an understated form of "I love you so much" meaning it does not portray as much passion towards the person. "I love you" may also be said to fri (MORE)