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Vanillin is the largest flavor component of the vanilla bean. It can also be synthesized . The synthetic is identical to the natural vanillin, but much less expensive. Vanilla extract contains vanilla and many other flavor components, which make the flavor more interesting.
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What is the difference between Dominican vanilla and regular vanilla?

Dominican vanilla is generally made from a chemical that is either synthesized or is derived from the tonka bean. The main ingredient is generally coumarin. The Food and Drug

If you dye vanilla pudding different colors will it affect the tastes?

Using flavourless dyes won't affect the taste of foods.   However, dyeing a food to appear a different colour from its normal appearance will have a psychological effect

What is the difference between Artificial Vanilla Extract and Pure Natural Vanilla?

  Pure Vanilla Extract is a flavouring derived from an orchid in the genus Vanilla native to Mexico, the only edible fruit of the orchid family, which is the largest famil

What is the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla essence?

Essence is defined as possessing the qualities of something in concentrated form and extract is a solution (as in alcohol) of essential constituents of a complex material. So

What is the difference between imitation vanilla and vanilla extract as it pertains to recipes?

There is no quantitative difference. They can be substituted on a  one-to-one basis.    Imitation vanilla is manufactured either from clove oil (eugenol)  or as a bre

What is the difference between vanilla and french vanilla?

There is only a very subtle difference between vanilla and french vanilla. In ice cream, french vanilla uses a custard base whereas vanilla is a regular cream based ice cream.

What is vanilla for?

  The vanilla is for to give it some flovour in the food   coz somrtyms it can taste boaring:L So there yhu go :)

What is vanilla?

Vanilla is an extract of the vanilla bean in alcohol. The vanilla plant is a relative of the orchid, and originally, all extract was made from beans grown in Madagascar, but i