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The first and obvious difference is their color, the second is the type of chicken it comes out of, personally I haven't tasted any difference between the two.

Nutritionally there is no difference, various breeds lay different colors. White eggs are popular with grocery stores visually (clean and fresh looking) and one of the best laying breeds happens to lay white eggs. Restaurants often prefer brown eggs as it is easier to see bits of shell when they fall in the food being prepared. A tiny white bit of shell in a pound of flour is hard to find until somebody crunches it. Yolk color is adjusted by feed contents.

Really, the only true difference is the one you mentioned, the color. They taste the same, have the same amount of nutrients, everything. The only difference is the genetics of the chicken that laid the egg.

Note - Many people do not know this, but technically, brown eggs and white eggs have the same shell color - white. The brown you see is an "overlay" of color. Hence, both eggs have white shells - but the brown has an "overlay" of color that makes it a brown color.

Note 2- White eggs are the product of chickens with white ears and chickens with red ears lay other colors including Blue and green. The quality of the egg depends on if you get the egg from a grocery store that has mass produced eggs or from a farmer that lets the eggs run freely.

The reason you see more white eggs in the stores is because the mass producers will normally use the Leghorn chicken one of the best egg producers it is also a smaller chicken and not as often used as a eating chicken.
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What is the difference between brown eggs and white eggs?

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