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What is the force of the water flowing vertically onto a paddle from a 20-mm diameter pipe and a flow rate of one liter per second and does the force double if the flow rate is doubled?

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You need to know the distance from the pipe to the paddle to ascertain the velocity. Force = mass of water x square of the velocity assuming it is stopping at the paddle. The force would quadruple if it were following twice as fast since the force is proportional to the velocity squared.
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A hemi-spherical vessel has internal radius 0.5 m It is initially empty Water flows in at a constant rate of 1 liter per second Find an expression for the depth of the water after t seconds?

Since the vessel is hemispherical, its volume can be given by: V=((4/3)(pi)r3)/2 V=(2/3)(pi)r3 where r is the radius of the vessel. Since water is flowing into the vesse

When you know a required flow rate of a fluid with know viscosity through a pipe with known diameter how can you calculate the needed pressure to obtain this flow rate?

if u r talking about presuure drop then it can be easily calculate with the help of relation 4flv*v/2gd in that f is the friction factor which is different for vraious type

What is the flow rate of water in a 0.75 inch pipe at 30 psi?

There are a lot more factors that must be considered in order to give you an accurate number, such as the length of pipe, type of pipe, number of valves in line, tees, elbows.

What is flow rate for copper pipe?

This question is literally impossible to answer correctly because there is no given size or pressure of the liquid or gas travelling through it.

What is the difference between a single check valve and a double one and can you fit one in the hot water pipe to a shower to prevent cross flow.?

 Answer   A double check valve is merely two single check valves in close series.   This means that under negative pressure the water that momentarily bypasses  

One inch diameter pipe with sixty PSI reading you would like to know what your water flow rate will be?

  Well this is a very poor question as one would have to know the kind of piping material as there is friction losses to consider (Hazen Williams formula and Boyle's law)
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What is flow rate?

This question is not specific enough to answer. If we knew which  type of flow rate you were speaking of we could answer this. For  example there is a volumetric flow rate w

What is the flow rate in a 3 pipe at 225psi?

With the information available, your question is unanswerable. The length of pipe,number and type of fittings and material( interior surface finish) must be known before the c

What is the liquid flow rate of a 21 diameter pipe at 40000 psi?

I can not provide an estimate. In calculation of flow out of a pipe, more information would be needed. Since you have asked this under the category of the oil spill, I assume