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A credit card company act as a 'liaison' between the customer and the business. The customer presents their credit card to the retailer - and the card company pays the retailer for the goods the customer has purchased. The card company charges the customer interest each month on the outstanding balance - in payment for the convenience of being able to make (often expensive) purchases, without having to h=cary large amount of cash.
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Can you sue your credit card company?

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Can a credit card company sue you?

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What can credit card companies get when they sue you?

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How can credit card companies get the profit?

They can get profit to those who are in need of financial  assistance and those who do not update their monthly due payments,  where finance charge will be charge to the car

What can credit card companies get in judgment?

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How do credit card companies work?

  i think the credit card companies have a tie up with shops , and the shop owner is charged a certain percentage of the transaction and the cc companies pay the shop owne

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Karen, I am disabled, living and working from home for 12 years plus. I have not much else to do than find the answers to questions. To be more specific, I answer computer, r

What can credit card company get when they sue you?

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