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A credit card company act as a 'liaison' between the customer and the business. The customer presents their credit card to the retailer - and the card company pays the retailer for the goods the customer has purchased. The card company charges the customer interest each month on the outstanding balance - in payment for the convenience of being able to make (often expensive) purchases, without having to h=cary large amount of cash.
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Who monitors credit card companies?

Karen, I am disabled, living and working from home for 12 years plus. I have not much else to do than find the answers to questions. To be more specific, I answer computer, r

Which company makes blue credit cards?

The Blue credit card is made by the company American Express. One can apply for a Blue credit card from the official American Express webpage, which offers rewards and no annu

What are functions of debit and credit cards?

Credit cards are issued to customers of companies who offer lines  of credit. The card can be used to make purchases or payments in  stores and online. Debit cards on the ot

Which are the best credit card companies to apply to?

  Capital One is a company that works well for people with poor or little credit. They start you off with a low limit usually 500.00 and a reasonable interest rate. Its al

What companies offer a Delta credit card?

There are many ways one might obtain a Delta branded credit card. The most reputable way one might obtain such a card is through the official Delta airlines website.

Can a credit card company garnish your wages?

A creditor can not garnish your wages without a court order. Actually, the only thing they CAN do is to take you to court, which is a possibility. However, without such action

What can credit card companies get when they sue you?

Being in the collections business, I will guarantee you that people get sued by credit card companies everyday. What can they get? That depends on what state you live in and w

What is the function of a credit card terminal?

The function of a credit card terminal is to provide a trader with the tools to allow a customer or consumer to pay for services or goods through credit cards as the credit ca

Can a credit card company sue you?

Yes, they can. Credit issuers hire law firms that specialize in collection of debt including lawsuit action. A credit card is defined as "unsecured debt" this does not mean