What is the gang Zoe pound?

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a gang that is originates with haitians. they are in the south Florida along with other foreign countries. they carry a symbol of the Haitian flag with them.
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What is Zoe Pound?

Zoe Pound is a criminal street gang based in Miami, Florida. Their founder is Mack A. Zoe. They are known to be involved in violent crime associated with their drug traffic

Is Lil Wayne in the gang Zoe pound?

No, Lil Wayne is not in the gang Zoe pound. Zoe Pound is a gang. It is a syndicate of Haitians based in Miami, Bahamas and Haiti. It has grown to be international.. Drug Smu

How to get out the gang?

Generally speaking, theres no full-proof way. In fact, even if you managed to leave a gang, other rival gangs may target you for various reasons (ex: you were their rivals, or

How to get out of an gang?

Depends on what kinda gang ur in, Blood? Piru? Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation? Gangster Disciple Nation? Imperial Gangster Nation? Hoover Criminal? Crip? 18th Street Fam

What do you have to do to get out of a gang?

It Depends, depending on what gang it is, and what their expectations are. You could walk out free in some gangs, but you better have a hell of a good reason to leave.