What is the HCF of 36 84 132?

12 is the highest common factor of 36, 84, and 132.
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What is the HCF of 36 and 66?

To find the HCF of 36 and 66 you first need to express them as a product of their prime factors: 36 = 2x2x3x366 = 2x3x11The next step is to identify any common prime factors. (MORE)

What is the HCF of 9 and 36?

The first thing you need to do to find the HCF is split each number into its prime factors. 9 = 3x336 = 3x3x4Then you identify any shared factors. In this case, both numbers h (MORE)
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What is the HCF and LCM of 36 and 75?

To find the HCF you first have to write the numbers as their prime factors: 36 = 2x2x3x375 = 3x5x5The next step is to identify any common prime factors. In this case both numb (MORE)

What is the HCF of 84 and 108?

To do this, you first have to break 84 and 108 down into their prime factors: 84 = 2x2x3x7108 = 2x2x3x3x3The next step is to identify any common prime factors. In this case bo (MORE)

What are the common factors of 36 84 132?

The common factors of the numbers are 2, 4, 6, and 12. 36 = 3 x 12 84 = 7 x 12 132 = 11 x 12 The common primes are 22 and 3. The GCF is 12.
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