What is the heat content of coal in mmbtu per ton?

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Anthracite Anthracite is coal with the highest carbon content, between 86 and 98 percent, and a heat value of nearly 15,000 BTUs-per-pound. Most frequently associated with home heating, anthracite is a very small segment of the U.S. coal market. There are 7.3 billion tons of anthracite reserves in the United States, found mostly in 11 northeastern counties in Pennsylvania. Bituminous The most plentiful form of coal in the United States, bituminous coal is used primarily to generate electricity and make coke for the steel industry. The fastest growing market for coal, though still a small one, is supplying heat for industrial processes. Bituminous coal has a carbon content ranging from 45 to 86 percent carbon and a heat value of 10,500 to 15,500 BTUs-per-pound. Subbituminous Ranking below bituminous is subbituminous coal with 35-45 percent carbon content and a heat value between 8,300 and 13,000 BTUs-per-pound. Reserves are located mainly in a half-dozen Western states and Alaska. Although its heat value is lower, this coal generally has a lower sulfur content than other types, which makes it attractive for use because it is cleaner burning. Lignite Lignite is a geologically young coal which has the lowest carbon content, 25-35 percent, and a heat value ranging between 4,000 and 8,300 BTUs-per-pound. Sometimes called brown coal, it is mainly used for electric power generation.
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How big is a ton of coal?

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What is mmbtu?

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How many BTU per ton of coal?

20 Million BTU. . The heat content of coal varies.. Bituminous coal typically has a gross heating value of 30,600,000 BTU per ton. The net heating value is 26,000,000 BTU pe

How manyy mmbtu in metric ton of lng?

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Btu per ton of anthracite coal?

30,000,000 BTUs Per Ton. Will vary depending on the grade of coal.

How much does a ton of coal cost?

Too many variables to answer- type of coal? Pickup or delivered? Where? Prices may range from $30-$65 per ton.

What element content is coal graded by?

carbon Answer: While coal's fixed carbon content ( not associated with volatile carbon content )is graded for heat production and suitability for metallurgical use. it is