What is the high pitched humming sound often heard in an otherwise empty and silent room?

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its just your brain increasing its sensitivity to noises. it could almost be considered a noise floor, or possibly the blood vessels in your ear. as red blood cells pass through the capillaries, they bump the walls a bit, causing minuscule vibrations to the eardrum.
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When I drive my 97 Honda Civic it makes a metallic high-pitched scraping sound much like the sound often heard when buses or trains stop. The noise stops as soon as I hit the brake pedal. Brakes?

Answer . This is most certainly your brake pads. On Honda brake pads there is what is called a squealer, a small metal piece that causes that sound you are hearing when your pads get too low. Your best bet is to take your car into a Honda dealer and have them replace your pads and check your rot (MORE)

High pitch sound?

There are many high pitched sounds. Some of these include breakinga glass, a young child screaming, as well as a bird singing.

What causes a high pitch humming noise similar to blowing across the top of an empty beer bottle when turning right on a 05 Grand Caravan especially accellerating through the turn?

\n. \nmy 2003 g/c sport 3.3 makes a whinning noise similar to your "high pitch humming" and both may be the alternator whirring. It seems worse when cold, but there are no other associated problems, although the sound comes and goes.\n. \n. \n. \ncould be low power steering fluid or air in steer (MORE)

2005 trailblazer makes a high pitched noise harder i push the gas higher the noise heard it could be the alternator because its a high output type sound right?

Just had the same issue.....it is quite possible your water pump. try this look at the fan located near the belts. If it moves when you tug it, then it is definetly your water pump.But before you dive in to replace the water pump or the alternator, first remove the serpentine belt idler located unde (MORE)

Heard as a change in the pitch of a sound due to motion?

This is called the Doppler effect. A sound-producing object coming closer will sound louder than a sound-producing object moving away. The speed of this moving object effects how much this is noticeable. See link in the discussion area.

Why is sound low and high pitch?

Because the rate of change in the pressure in the air differs: high pitch has a rapid vibration, low pitch a slow vibration. Humans can usually hear from a low of 20 Hz (cycles per second) to 20,000 Hz. I'm so old that I do not hear much above 12,000 Hz any more.

What makes sound high or low pitched?

High pitch = high frequency = short waves = comes from something moving fast Low pitch = low frequency = long waves = comes from something moving slower

What makes high pitched sounds?

Shorter wavelengths, higher frequencies makes high pitched sounds. Take a rubber band and cut part of it; hold it between your fingers and stretch it slightly; strum it. You will hear a low sound. Pull it tighter, and strum it. It moves faster, and the sound is higher. Low frequencies sounds (MORE)

Internet Router has a high pitch sound?

quite a number of routers either have this fault straight out the box or develop it after some time. I have seen it in all major brands of warying types and function. It varies in intensity from barely audible to quite loud in some cases, and is usually ranges from between 8-20khz. It may vary in t (MORE)

Why is high blood pressure often called the silent killer?

Hypertension is called the silent killer because most people do not realize they have hypertension, resulting in many serious complications without any early symptoms. This is why it is important to have regular checkups with your physician, among other reasons.

High pitched sound has a high speed?

Frequency of sound has no impact on the speed of sound (which is ~343 m/s in the air at STP). Consider sound to be waves (as is the correct assumption). When one hears a low frequency sound, fewer sound waves are passing by the listener in a finite period of time than are passing by when a high f (MORE)

Which strings of a harp have the high pitched sounds?

You know how on a piano, middle C sounds like it's in between the low and high notes? Well, that's because it is. The notes below middle C have low pitched sounds just as the higher notes above middle C, become higher pitched. Same goes for the harp. The high notes come from the strings above mid (MORE)

How can you make a high or low pitch sound?

Sound is made when air is forced through the vocal chords at the top of the larnyx. The chords sit atop the trachea. When they are constricted, you make a squeeky sound. When they are relaxed, you make a lower pitch sound. This is done subconscienously.

How does sound get a low pitch and a high pitch?

Pitch is determined by vibration frequency. A guitar string vibrating at 440 times a second will product a perfectly tuned "A" note. A string vibrating any faster than this will produce a higher pitch, and any slower will produce a lower pitch.

Why do I hear this high pitched sound?

If you listen to a lot of music of have loud surrounding, the little hairs/nerves in your eardrum can die. The high pitch noise can mean one of those nerves is dying. i listen to a lot of music n my ears buzz sometimes... its so annoying

Does a high pitch sound have a high frequency?

Yes. The frequency of the sound determines its pitch. The two are directly correlated. For example, the higher you go on a row of piano keys, the higher the frequency and the higher the pitch. Yes. It is simply understood by the relation that frequency is directly proportional to pitch Yes.

Do high pitched sounds damage hearing?

it depends on how loud the pitch is some pitches are not harmful but they are so high we can hear them i think these type of sounds at a pitch very high are called infrared sound?

Where can you found a loud high pitch sound?

-- the siren on a fire truck, police car, or ambulance -- the fire alarm on any floor in any hotel -- a note in high register, with fermata, played sostenuto and fortissimo by an experienced piccolo player

Does matter help sound travel through an empty room?

By definition, matter is required for sound to exist. Sound waves are transferred by vibration of molecules, which is why sound does not exist within the vacuum of space. In space nobody really can hear you scream.

What causes a sound to have a high or low pitch?

The frequency. Think of it like this. Imagine you two waves like this: __ __ (A) l l__l l__l _ _ (B)l l_l l_l Wave A would be lower than wave B because wave A has a lower frequency, and thus is lower.

Why do sound echo in a empty room?

Sounds echo when there is nothing else to absorb the sound. So in an empty room, there would only be the walls to absorb the sound, but walls don't absorb sound. They bounce it back. So, when you are in an empty room or a cave, nothing absorbs the sound and it is bounced back. However, if you w (MORE)

Can a loud sound be heard in a nearby room?

There are a lot of uncontrolled variables here. First of all, how loud is the sound? How thick are the walls? Is the door shut? At what frequency is the sound? But generally, people will be able to hear loud sounds in a nearby room.

What animals make high pitch sounds?

toothed whales (dolphins etc) that echo-locate and bats thats echo-locate. Mice are pretty high pitched but not as high as the echo-locators.

How well sounds can be heard in a room or hall?

Well sounds, or "velsunda" (archaic Latin: noun, def: youare an illiterate idiot) are an elusive form of noise, and wecurrently don't have the data to determine how they can be heard inbuildings.

Why is sound louder in an empty room?

In an empty room, the sound is mostly just bounced around. Whenmore things are placed in the room, they provide more ability toabsorb sound and reflect in different directions such that itactually has to take a longer path to get from one place to another(zig zag instead of straight path) with the c (MORE)