What is the history of lodhi rajput?

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Dear all Please read it before drawing any conclusion
The word Lodham first originates in Rigveda (The oldest literature of Sanatan/ Hindu dharma), then the word again shows its presence in Manusmriti and in Parashuram sahitya. In all the slokas depicted, the word Lodham is used for Shoorveer / warrior/ brave. All the slokas shows at that time there were only one type Kshatriya on the earth, which was Lodham.

When Parashuram killed The Chakravarti King Sahastrabahoo (A Lodham) the then left over leaders of Kshatriyas (Lodham) went to The Lord Mahesh. The Lord Mahesh saved them from Parashuram and ordered all the Khastriyas (Lodham) to choose farming instead of Kshatra (weapons). As The Lord Mahesh saved the Lodhams from the atrocities of Parashuram the then he is also worshiped as The Lodheswar Mahadev.

The present day the length and breadth of Lodhies (Lodham) can be seen extended from Pakistan (west) to West-Bengal in east , Nepal in north, Karnataka and Goa in South India.
They have 23 Rajgharanas (Thikans) in Indian subcontinent starting from the west
  • Teenkotla, in the Sialkot District of present-day Pakistan
  • Lodra in the Multan District of present-day Pakistan
  • Ludrava, Jaisalmair Rajasthan, India.
  • Amarpatan (National Highway No.7, 50 Km away from Maihar) MP, India.
  • Ramgarh, Mandla MP, India.
  • Gahora, Chitrakut MP, India.
  • Kerbana, Bateagarh, Damoh,MP, India.
  • Hindoriya (Hata, Damoh) MP, India.
  • Madanpur Mahroni, (Lalitpur) UP, India.
  • Mankhedi Seoni MP are just few of them.

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Kunwar Yogendra Singh Lodhi

Lodhi rajputs r very diversified group of rajputs/Kshatriyas. Lodhi rajputs r the follower of Lord Lodheswar who is one of the Hindu god. They are known as Lodham(Sanskrit word) in satyug or before that which means soorveer/Worrier.
Lodhi r authentic & great rajputs from mainly Indian Subcontinents like Pakistan,India,Nepal & Bangladesh.In India,at northan regions we r Jamindar Rajputs ,at central region we r the kings/Rulers so called Thakurs & at south region we r the Kshatriya worrier.We have great kings like Ramgarh ki Maharani Avanti Bai Lodhi,King Jati,Samrat Dahir,Talwar ka dhani Iswar Singh Lodhi & Maharaj Vikramaditya Singh etc.

They have subcastes/surnames as:
Rajawat,Khangrot,Juksenia,Saulakhe,Mahur,Maura,Damhe,Nagpure,Rangire,Kumeriya,Padoliya,Moroliya, Rajor & Mahule etc

Er. Laxman Singh Lodhi,Durg,Chhattisgarh(India)
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Lodhi is a Hindu Rajput community spread mainly in northern India.
The community belongs to the Kshatriya class and is considered a strong warrior group. They were rulers and key members of various princely states in British India.

Lodhi, Lodha, Lodh, are the different last names of Lodhi Rajputs

Rani Avantibai lodhi
(died March 20, 1858) was the wife of Vikramaditya Singh, the ruler of the Indian state of Ramgarh. When he died, leaving his wife with no heir, the British placed Ramgarh under their administration. Avantibai vowed to fight the British to regain her land and her throne. She raised an army of four thousand and personally led it against the British in 1857. When, after a few months' struggle, she saw that her defeat was imminent, she killed herself with her own sword.

The word "LODHI "(LODHI RAJPUT) has been drived from word lodha---and lodha has been drived from---word Yodha means warriors.some of the lodhi rajput migrated to uttrakahnd during the war with mugals from different parts of India with other comunities.they settled down in dev bhumi,and later on called gharwali. some of them are known as bhad (in gharwahali) means Yodha/warriors.for example RIKHOLA LODHI (last bhad of gharwal who gave his life for gharwal)

Lodhi rajput maha sabha dehradun
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The word Lodham first originates in Rigveda (The oldest literature of Sanatan/ Hindu dharma), then the word again shows its presence in Manusmriti and in Parashuram sahitya. I

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