What is the hump on a Brahma bull for?

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The hump on the Brahma Bull is basically a survival mechanism. It is a large deposit of fat that the bull can use to live on in case of severe hunger.
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ALL bulls should have a hump or crest. A muscular hump on their necks is a sign of adequate masculinity and good fertility. They are what cattle producers call "superior quali

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What do young babies get from Brahma bulls?


What are Brahma bulls raised for?

To breed cows.

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YES. All bulls should have a hump or crest over their shoulders. This is a sign of masculinity and fertility in a bull. If a bull does not have a muscular crest over his sho

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That hump over a bull's neck and shoulders is full of nothing but muscle, and lots of it. The crest shows cattle producers a bull's masculinity and his ability to be a good si

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