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Food safety is essential in protecting individuals from bacteria and parasites that can be passed through food consumption. By practicing safe food handling, illnesses and fatalities can be prevented. Safe food handling begins at production and continues through the preparation process. If unsafe handling has occurred at any stage, there could be a potential of danger.
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What is food sanitation and safety?

Food sanitation and safety is a practice of keeping foods from cross-contamination, storing perishable food at the appropriate temperature (41 degrees), and heating food to a

Theory of food safety and sanitation?

Remember use cleansers. Educate your self on how and where to use  them. The same with food cook times are important and hold times as  well. Tempreture important as well.

Why are food safety hygiene and sanitation important in preparing food?

food sanitation & safety is important in preparing food because when your hand are dirty and you will serve a food to a customer... you can pass the germs to a customer and it

What is the difference of food safety in food sanitation?

  The term Food sanitation is very old and should not be used. It was used sometimes, notably in the USA to refer to the hygienic production of food - in modern usage it h

Food sanitation and safety in food preparation?

Wash your hands before touching any foods, and after touching yourself. Keep like foods seperate when preparing ie; meats with meats and vegetables with vegetables. Keep your

What is the definition of food safety and sanitation?

Food Safety is what the name suggest. It is a set of practices to  follow (especially in a food industry/business) to prevent  foodborne illnesses and possible spread of vir

What are the safety and sanitation in food laboratory?

Safety Procedures To prevent falls… 1. Wipe up all spills at once. 2. Close cabinet doors and drawers. To prevent cuts… 1. Keep sharp knives sharp. They are less likely to