What is the lanuage in Albania?

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In Albania, most people speak one of the two dialects of Albanian. The standard dialect is Tosk Albanian, which is spoken throughout the country and has the most speakers. Gheg Albanian is also popular, and it predominates in the North. There are also various other regional languages spoken by Albanians, such as Greek, Macedonian, and Serbo-Croation.

Here are some more links for information. The first one describes the languages spoken in Albania, and the second one is a map that displays the distribution of minority groups and their respective languages in Albania.
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What lanuage does gnarly come from?

Gnarl can be traced back to Middle English, and may derive from the Swedish word "Knorre", meaning a tangle or mess, reflecting the many Viking incursions into England between approximately 450 AD and the middle 11th Century.

What are the landforms of Albania?

Albania is mostly a mountainous/hilly country with 70% mountains and a beautiful coastline, especially Sarande. There are also plains. There are three very deep lakes, formed by tectonic activity.

Where is Albania?

Albania is located in eastern Europe across the Adriatic Sea fromItaly. It is north of Greece, west of the Former Yugoslav Republicof Macedonia, and south of Montenegro and Kosovo. Albania is a country located in Southeastern Europe on the AdriaticSea. longitude of Albania: 20 degrees east latitud (MORE)

Is Albania poor?

Albania is poor because of the "3rd world hole". Basically, once a country is a third world country, accessing resources to improve suburban areas to more urban is very difficult without the help from another country, or be like any other country in the world and do it yourself. In addition, the gov (MORE)

What does Albania mean?

Im very sorry to say this, but you may be a idiot. I myself am a Albanian, it is not a noun, from the way you phrased the question it makes it sound like you think its a thing. Maybe you should read a book once in a while...

What is the history of Albania?

History . Historic Albania . The Albanians are reputedly descendants of Illyrian and Thracian tribes that settled the region in ancient times. The area then comprised parts of Illyria and Epirus and was known to the ancient Greeks for its mines. The coastal towns, Epidamnus (Durrës) and (MORE)

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Personal I We You Thou He She It They Demonstrative This These That Those Reflexive Myself Himself Herself Yourself Possessive My Your His Her Our Their Relative Who Which That As Indefinite Each One All Everyone (MORE)

What is the currency in Albania?

the currency in Albania is lek named after Alexander the great leke or euro. leke is used more commonly as far as i kno cuz when i went to visit my family everything was sold in leke. but im guessing that the euro is used more for the buisnesses that other countries have. but overall the leke is use (MORE)

What is Finlands's lanuage?

In Finland the main language is Finnish, but about 8% of the population speaks Swedish as their mother tongue.

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What lanuage is used in India?

The official national language, and primary language for 40 percent of the population, is Hindi. English is the official working language for national, political, and commerce.

When was Albania found?

\n. \nAfter five hundred years of Ottoman domination, an independent Albania was proclaimed in 28 November 1912. But the Albanian people where there for 2000 years +

Does the planet Mars have a lanuage?

There are no life forms with language on Mars, so the planets hasno live languages. The only form of language on Mars is on thelabels on equipment that has been shipped from Earth to Mars, so itcould be said that the language of Mars is English.

What are the customs in Albania?

In addition to traditional religious holidays, pagan holidays and folklore play a role in Albanian life. Agricultural fairs and religious festivals occur throughout the year and often include competitions .Dita e Verës (Spring Day) is celebrated in mid-March in Elbasan. Folkloric festivals take p (MORE)

What is the gnp of Albania?

GDP (purchasing power parity):. $20.87 billion note: Albania has a large gray economy that may be as large as 50% of official GDP (2007 est.)

What lanuages are spoken in India?

The two official languages of India are Hindi and English. Thereare 27 other languages spoken in India as well, the top five mostcommon are Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu.

Who founded Albania?

Albania was officially founded November 28, 1912, though no onediscovered or founded Albania not like America was founded. Albaniaexisted since the Middle Ages and is the oldest civilization andcountry in the Balkans.

What is Albania like?

As the country is in the Mediterranean, the weather is quite warm in the summer - 37 degrees at it's peak. Compared to the other European countries, it is quite poor, has dirt roads and messed up politics. It does have some beautiful scenery though, and the people there are quite hospitable.

What can you descover about Albania?

the most beautiful nature in Europe ,the bigest history of this wonderful country,the modetn towns in Tirana,Albania is the country of mother Teresa and many famous peoples

Are there Muslims in Albania?

Yes, there are Muslims in Albania. They form the majority of the population. However, Albania is a Secular State as opposed to an Islamic State. 70% of Albania population are Muslims (accounting for around 2.5 million)

Is kosovo Albania?

Yes, complete Albania. They are same people, same blood, same everything. They speak same language and everything. Just like Oregon and Washington, are they different?

What is Albania famous for?

Albania is famous because even though it looks little on a world map its traditions are truly beautiful and the way that the pry-minister leads the country

Is Albania socialist?

Albania is a parliamentary democracy. Communism fell in 1992, and since then, both left and right wing parties have been in power.

What is Albanias region?

Albania is a country in the southeast of the continent of Europe inan area often called the Balkan peninsula or just the Balkans.

What does Albania have to do with kosovo?

The Albanian government supported and continues to support the KLA terrorist organization in Kosovo, now renamed to Kosovo Police. Albania has the intention of taking Kosovo from Serbia, as part of the idea of a "Great Albania". Weapons used by the Kosovo Liberation Army were supplied by Albania, an (MORE)

What lanuage was The Bible?

The Bible was originally in the languages of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. It has since been translated in its entirety into every major language in the world, and a large number of lesser used languages in whole or in part.

What lanuage does hawaiians speak?

some speak English some speak pidgin- which is like a mixture of broken English with some hawaiian, and they have a hawaiian language

What is Taiwan lanuage?

Mandarin (Official language) Taiwanese (Hokkien dialect) Hakka Dialect English (mandatory in elementary school) Japanese (some older people educated prior to 1945)

What lanuage is Hindi?

Wat do u mean? Hindi is a language......... Its a language from India that Indians speak.........

What is lanuage?

Language* is what people speak. (Sorry it's not a very summarized definition). Like English, Italian, French...etc! (Giudice27)

What is the lanuage spoken in Scotland?

Scottish English ( English conditioned by two older languages Gaelic & older Scots in accent,vocabulary,grammar) Gaelic is still spoken as native language in the Highlands.

How do you divorce in Albania?

When you want to divorce from a husband/wife, you just tell his/her parents that he/she is not your husband/wife any longer.

What lanuage does moscow speak?

Moscow does not speak any language. Moscow is a city. Cities don't speak. Muscovites (people who live in Moscow), however, generally speak Russian.

What is Albania populur for?

Albania is popular for leading exports such as textiles,footwear,asphalt,metals,metallic ores,crude oil,vegetables,fruits and tobacco....hope it helps it was from my social studies text book so I'm not just guessing

What is british sign lanuage?

A language develoed using two hands where signs are created to represent words or phrases. This will then be "read" by the deaf person and they can communicate in that fashion

How many countries in Europe have their own lanuages?

Based on countries whose languages are the same name as demonyms as there are MANY languages for each European country that are dead or still active Iceland- Icelandic Ireland- Irish United Kingdom- Welsh, Scottish, English Portugal- Portuguese Spain- Spanish France- French Italy- Italian Malta- Mal (MORE)

What is Albanias' religion?

1st: Graeco-Religions in corporation with various Roman/Thracian/Illyrian "Paganist cults". (Zot - common word for "God" - descending from Zeus. Other: Afërdita, common girl name. Descendant from Afrodite - Afër means "Close" in Albanian and Dita/e - means "Day".) .   . 2nd: Catholic Chri (MORE)

Why are lanuages important?

Languages are important because they are able to help you communicate in foreign countries. They also, improve your learning skills. It is also very good to put on your CV when going fro a job interview, as it may stand you out from the crowd of applicants. And it looks real good when you say "Hey (MORE)

What is the rules in Albania?

Well, I'm not sure what rules are you talking about, but let's start with Albania has a Parliament, a democratic government and a constitution. If that's the kind of rules you're talking about, the rules are simple in every country: don't steal, don't kill...etc. If you're talking about social norms (MORE)

Does Albania get snow?

Albania does receive winter snowfall. It receives a high level of precipitation due to its geographical location, and combined with winter temperatures averaging 2 degrees C, the country receives frequent winter snowfall.

What are the major lanuages of china?

Mandarin Chinese, Wu, Cantonese, Hsiang and regional languages. If you would like anymore info on China then please post on my message bourd. By Cakerus

Why was Albania named Albania?

Albania means, Land of the eagle, and it was named that because two eagles saved a king of Albania [ named Pirro ] from death in 600 B.C.

How greet in Albania?

Differen situation, differen greet. Mire mengjes - good morning mire mbrema - good evening naten e mire - good night mire u pafshim - good bye shendet - salute. It is used when you live somebody and means good health. Lately a Italian word ciao is used too. it means bye.

Does Morocco have kurdish lanuage?

No. There are no Kurds in Morocco. There are Arabs (who speakArabic) and there are Amazigh (who speak Amazigh languages likeTarifit, Tamazight, and Tashlichit).

What is US national lanuage?

In the United States, American English is the national languagein an informal sense, by the numbers of speakers and historicalassociation. The United States Constitution does not declare anyofficial language, although all federal legislation is written inEnglish.