What is the longest game of war the card game?

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16 hours 17 minutes and 2 seconds
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How do you play the card game war?

Shuffle your cards the split the cards in two (if you are playing with two people) then start by slapping down your cards at the same time, whoever has the higher number wins

Mafia Wars Game Card codes?

send me £5 through paypal and when i receive the money i will send you a £10 voucher code

How do you play the card game Egyptian war?

This is a really fun card game but explaining it is tricky. 1. Deal the cards to all players. (Make sure you exclude any jokers, if any. Also DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR CARDS, thi

What is the history of the card game War?

History of War is a collectible-strategy-card-game of average complexity that has no rarity or random distribution - which separates it from most of the other TCGs/CCGs. Eac

What is best strategy in card game war?

I recommend practicing with face-up decks; this means you don't need card counting to learn the basics. The main decision is what order to put the cards on the bottom of yo

Who invented the card game war and why did they invent it?

It's impossible to know who invented the card game war. It's existence can be traced back hundreds of years with no notations of who created it or why. This is true for man