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What is the maculine of mer?

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Nothing. la mer is definitely feminine.
although, there is L'océan (the ocean) which is masculine
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Can the coco de mer eat?

The coco de mer is a fruit and thus a plant, which itself does not  "eat". Yet, the encyclopedia of life (eol.org), however credible,  remarks that the jelly-like flesh of t

What is strange about the Coco De Mer palm tree's seed?

  The seed of the Coco de Mer is the largest in the plant kingdom weighing in at up to 45 pounds. This makes it too heavy to float and too large to be carried off by small

What does mal de mer mean?

  Mal de mer is an expression literally translating into "sick of sea" or "bad of sea." In English, we know it as "seasick."

Khmer or mer both are same Varma rajput?

Hindu Khmer kings of Cambodia Suryavarman/Jayavarman are basicallyMair rajput from India. There is no any difference between Varman and Varma. Kshatriya origin belongs to Brah