What is the maculine of mer?

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Nothing. la mer is definitely feminine.
although, there is L'océan (the ocean) which is masculine
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What is mer?

The word "mer" has many different meanings. If you are talking about DNA oligonucleotides, a mer is a unit of length for an oligonucleotide. The length is usually denoted b

What does mer stand for?

Mer can be both a suffix and a prefix. As a prefix, it refers tothe ocean or the sea, such as in mermaid. As a suffix, it eNotes atype of polymer molecule.

What is la mer?

La mer is sea, as borde la mer means seaside (in french!!) (it should be - au bord de la mer)

What is MERS?

Mortgage Electronic Registration System

What is MER test?

MER is nothing but medical examination report. Here they do basic testing like height, weight measurement etc. This is done by icici as part of prulife insurance.

What is the maculine of witches?

The word Witch may be used for both sexes. It is gender neutral. It stems from the old English words Wicca and Wicce which were gender relative. A Wicca was in essence a male