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What is the maculine of mer?

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Nothing. la mer is definitely feminine.
although, there is L'océan (the ocean) which is masculine
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Dans la mer ou sur la mer?

"dans" means in, and "sur" means on, so "dans la mer" means in the sea (as in swimming), and "sur la mer" means on the sea, such as a ship.

What is MER test?

MER is nothing but medical examination report. Here they do basic testing like height, weight measurement etc. This is done by icici as part of prulife insurance.

What does Chance a la mer mean?

Chance à la mer means "Luck at sea". You would probably want to say Bon chance à la mer, or Good luck at sea.

What does Poulet de Mer mean?

"Poulet de Mer" is French for "Chicken of the Sea." The latter of course refers to a giant American tuna company. In France, "Poulet de Mer" would garner you at best a confuse
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Can the coco de mer eat?

The coco de mer is a fruit and thus a plant, which itself does not  "eat". Yet, the encyclopedia of life (eol.org), however credible,  remarks that the jelly-like flesh of t

What is mer?

The word "mer" has many different meanings. If you are talking about DNA oligonucleotides, a mer is a unit of length for an oligonucleotide. The length is usually denoted by