What is the meaning of I love you loads?

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It means: I love you very much.
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What does Error loading c:windowssystem32bridge.dll mean?

Error Message: Error loading C:\Windows\System32\Bridge.dll. The specified module cannot be found. Translation: Upon startup, you receive an error message. After closing the error message, your PC seems to perform sluggishly. You noticed the problem after upgrading to Windows XP SP2 (Service P (MORE)

What does a girl mean when she says you've told her loads of times that you love her?

Answer . \nAnyone call keep telling another person over and over again that they love them, but the old tried and true is "actions speak louder than words." Only the both of you know what is going on in your relationship, so perhaps she's tired of hearing it and would like to see you treat her l (MORE)

What is the meaning of loads of love?

Love is a tender touch a warm embrace a smile that lights a special face a quite moment shared by 2..your perfect match a dream come true..that's how i know i love you...(something this dude told me once..i thought it was cute even tho he's full of it...)

What does the phrase locked and loaded mean?

This term originated in the military and meant that your M-16 hadthe magazine in place and was ready to fire. The order to "lock andload" means to get ready for action. If you are "locked and loaded," it means you are ready for whatevercomes next. The term was in use before the M-16. Many western (MORE)

How do you get loads of loves?

If your simply asking how to date a lot of people then always be open and honest as to not committing and dating others, be yourself, outgoing, charismatic and take things from their. Remember more is not always better and quality is not quantity.

What does fully loaded computer mean?

A fully loaded computer means that the computer has loads ofmemory, a durable processor and plenty of useful features andapplications that you wouldn't get with a regular computer. Fullyloaded computers are particularly popular among gamers and businesspeople.

What does Loading port SGS mean?

SGS (formerly SGS Société Générale de Surveillance) is the world's inspector general. The company http://www.answers.com/topic/sgs-sa#is a leading provider of verification, testing, and certification services with more than 1,000 offices and laboratories in 120 countries. It inspects a (MORE)

What is the meaning of load?

a LOAD is generally related to energy consumption. mechanical, electrical gas power, etc. a LOADED truck consumes energy to move the load. a loaded motor consumes more energy than a free spinning one.

What does roof load rating mean?

The roof load is a rating that determines how many pounds persquare foot the roof will withstand. Most roofs are rated above 300pounds per square foot or more.

What do you mean by no load of transformer?

Transformers voltage ratings are typically at full load.. For instance, A 24 VAC, 10A transformer will have a terminal voltage of 24 when it is feeding 10 amps to a load. Since the transformer windings have some resistance, the transformer designer has to wind the transformer to put out more than 2 (MORE)

What does No-load voltage mean?

A no load voltage means the power level that is giving from theoutput pins power converter. This is when 0% load is given.

What does CD Load Error mean?

Since this is for a 6-disc changer, sounds like it's jammed....How do you get it unjammed is a really good question. Ok, try these steps. Try the items listed in the following link: http://www.wikihow.com/Remove-a-Stuck-CD-from-a-Car-CD-Player I have a 2003 Mountaineer with a 6 CD and you could s (MORE)

What is the meaning of puny load?

Well, it could mean several different things, however I have a sneaking suspicion that in this case "load" is referring to a quantity of ejaculate (or semen) produced when a man orgasms. Therefore "puny load" would refer to an instance where a man hardly produces any semen.

What does front load in stocks mean?

Frontload means to buy large quantities of a stock, then pump it so you can dump at much inflated prices. It's illegal to say the least. Best known case is Jonathan Lebed, who as a teenager made hundreds of thousands of dollars by posting in chat rooms and message boards encouraging people to buy pe (MORE)

What does the term house load mean?

In an apartment building power is used to keep the building hallway lights and plugs operational. Run ventilation systems, heating. Anything that the building needs in the way of electrical services that is not associated with the apartments. This way the apartment owners are not paying for power be (MORE)

What is the meaning of ''loading effect'' of an instrument?

An instrument to be able to really tell the value is mandatory that the instrument does not load the circuit making it a false reading or inaccurate loading effect which means when we give high load that may be cause to some fake or inaccurate of output, this may be known as loading effect....

What does tire load mean?

Tire load means the maximum load each tire can carry. It's expressed in a number embossed in every tire. - My van tires are - - P215/65R15 95H. - That P means it's a passenger vehicle tire, - 215 is tread width in millimeters, - 65 is the aspect ratio, it's a wide oval. ( 75 means it's rounder (MORE)

What does 'a crap load' mean?

People use the phrase 'a crap load' or 'a crapload' as an idiom or slang to mean a lot of something. The term is another version of 'sh** load', or 'sh**load', which carries the same meaning. For example: "I can't go bowling; I have a crapload (or sh**load) of work to do." While the former is (MORE)

Does roisin love Taylor loads?

Yes because i love him because he is funny, handsome and thruthfull (hes a boy) and that is why i KNOW Roisin loves Taylor Loads!!!

What is 'I love you loads' when translated from English to French?

Je t'aime énormément is a French equivalent of the English phrase "I love you loads!" The declarative statement also translates into English as "I am loving you loads," "I do love you loads," or "I'm loving you loads" according to context. The pronunciation will be "zhuh teh-mey-nor-mey-maw" (MORE)

What does no load speed mean?

It is the speed you electrical drive device will run when it is just running but has not load. This would apply to: a furnace fan motor (or any motor) not connected to the fan a pump that is running but is not pumping anything a blender with no mixing container on top And so on

What does Weird Load mean?

A weird load is a common way to describe the funky taste that may be present in the semen of a male when they ejaculate into your mouth. This may be affected by a variety of things, such as their diet, exercise, and overall health and cleanliness. If you ever experience a weird load, spit it out imm (MORE)

What does load of shame mean?

A load of shame would be a massive amount of guilt. You might tell someone "you should feel a load of shame" when they have done something they should be embarrassed about. You could also say that you feel the load if you feel remorseful.

Wait until they get a load of me what does it mean?

it is used to say in somewhat challenging tonality. for example, if i say A to wait until i get a load of me, then what my statement implies is that "A has to wait until he sees or find out me". i hope, the answer will be helpful :)

What does it mean loading bits on FarmVille?

You will get this message in farmville when your farm take a long time to load or performing an action (plowing, navigating to the market, etc) in the game takes a long time to load in your browser window.

What is the meaning of calculated load in electrical?

A calculated load in electrical terminology is the sum of all of the loads that are connected to a system. To size a service distribution for a home all of the connected loads have to be calculated in. Some loads can be derated as per the electrical code. When the total amperage is calculated from t (MORE)

What does load bearing mean?

the term load bearing means to extract one partial combulation and to exchange it for a more efficient trade.

What does loading for bear mean?

Taking down a bear requires a large gun and big bullets. To be loaded for bear is a metaphor meaning to be going into a situation in a very aggressive manner.

What does fluctuating load means?

Load refers to the power required to accomplish a task. In electricity a device's load fluctuates depending on what it is doing. If it is starting an application it is under a bigger load than if it is just on standby.

How do you say loads of love in luganda?

ng'kwaagala nyo (I love you alot). The sound produced when your saying the "ny" part is nasal and doesnt exist in English vocabulary. "Ny" is the closest approximation to it.

What is mean by loading effect of transducer?

any transducer is measuring something it takes a bit of something to make the transducer work which loads the device under test as you put more power to an audio transducer it most move further and vibrate slower and as such loads the device and lowers the frequency if you are measuring te (MORE)

What is mean by non-sinusoidal load?

A load that is not sinusoidally varying (i.e. resembling that of a graph of the function sin(x) or cos(x)). This means the load is not cycling or periodic so it does not repeat itself over and over - which is exactly what the graph of the trig function sin(x) demonstrates.

What does the sign maximum load mean?

You would need to specify where this sign is posted, on product notifications it refers to max weight allowed on that item at any one time.. e.g. ladders, chairs, children's electric motor toys. Other examples of posted max limits may be on Commercial vehicles or Elevators.

What does load mean?

when a weight or object is lifted of the ground 'Load' can havevarious meanings in different contexts; it can refer to: . The noun : where it applies to the quantity or amount ofan object which undergoes a process - the number or amount of itemsbeing carried e.g. 'a load of money' or 'a load of u (MORE)

What does tire load range mean?

The load range indicates the ply rating of the tire or the number of plys under the tread. A = 2 ply B = 4 ply C = 6 ply D = 8 ply E = 10 ply F = 12 ply G = 14 ply H = 16 ply J = 18 ply L = 20 ply M = 22 ply N = 24 ply This has a direct relation to the Load Index which tells you the weight the ti (MORE)

What is mean by load frequency control?

Power sharing between two areas occurs through these tie-lines. Load frequency control, as the name signifies, regulates the power flow between different areas while holding the frequency constant.

What does 'bear the load' mean?

there is no actual definition for it but the expression "i can bear the load" basically means " i can handle the situation ".

What does it mean when someone takes a load?

The phrase "take a load off" means to relax, or be relieved from mental stress. It is a shortening of an older phrase that stated "take a load off your feet" which meant to sit and relax.

What does the term load cell mean?

The term load cell is actually a complex transference of energy. But it does means that there is a transducer that is used to convert energy or a force into an electrical signal.

What is the meaning of 'lock and load'?

The term "lock and load" was used in the military during World War Two. It is a command to prepare a weapon for battle, and was popularized by John Wayne.

What is the meaning of the term load shedding?

The term load shedding means the process of terminating or disconnecting the electrical currents on a line when the line is overloaded. Load Shedding is the deliberate shutdown of electric power in a part or parts of a power-distribution system, generally to prevent the failure of the entire syst (MORE)

What does it mean to be a load?

If someone tells you that you are a load, it can mean a couple ofthings. They could mean that you are "heavy" to carry, or that yourfriendship is a "heavy" thing that is hard to maintain. They'resaying that it is a hard job keeping you as a friend. On the other hand, it could be a coarse slang term (MORE)

What does the term load mean on a computer?

I don't want to be mean, but it's pretty easy to understand what that means. It means that it is retrieving the data from the internet, or it could mean it is connecting to that website.