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Love is a tender touch a warm embrace a smile that lights a special face a quite moment shared by 2..your perfect match a dream come true..that's how i know i love you...(something this dude told me once..i thought it was cute even tho he's full of it...)

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โˆ™ 2008-08-23 10:01:23
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Q: What is the meaning of loads of love?
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What is the meaning of I love you loads?

It means: I love you very much.

Difference between loads of love and lots of love?

There is no difference between the phrase loads of love and the phrase lots of love. They both have the meaning to give an enormous amount of love.

What is 'I love you loads' when translated from English to French?

Je t'aime énormément is a French equivalent of the English phrase "I love you loads!" The declarative statement also translates into English as "I am loving you loads," "I do love you loads," or "I'm loving you loads" according to context. The pronunciation will be "zhuh teh-mey-nor-mey-maw" in French.

Who Does Jedward love?

They love loads of people most of them are celebs but mostly they love their fans :)

Does roisin love Taylor loads?

Yes because i love him because he is funny, handsome and thruthfull (hes a boy) and that is why i KNOW Roisin loves Taylor Loads!!!

What is undermining?

hi babes you ok love you loads

How do you say love you loads in french?

t'aime charges

How do you get umbreon in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to give it loads of love

I love you loads in Italian?

ti amo tanto

Was there really love on the titanic?

Of course...there were 2,223 people on board...there were bound to be loads in love.

Who is duffy?

a singer who sang lots of GREAT songs. love her loads... nn loads... nn loads... nn LOADS!!!!!!!!! Duffy is a popular singer with loads of albums and CDs and has a lot of money!! She is also famous but im guessing most of you know that!

Do you love your pet?

yes loads he is a good little dog

What is the definition of curriculum management?

love is its meaning love is its meaning

Does Miley Cyrus love her fans?

She seems to love them loads she always says "Thank you to all my fans!"

Does Henry McCrea really love Beth rawlings loads?


How do you get loads of guys to love you for kids?

you just dont or cant impossibru

How to love your mum?

easy... just give her love hugs and kisses. Hi Mum. I love you loads. Hope you have a good day at work. Love from Euan

What is the meaning of hubby?

hubby is short for husband nowadays loads of people say this

Is it strange for a man to love cats?

Course not!! Cats are lovely my boyfriend and me both love them loads!!! Why would it be strange!

What is the meaning of the words tu amor?

it means 'your love' ..literally. tu- meaning you or your amor- meaning love

What is the meaning of love forever?

the meaning for love forever is to stay with the person you love forever if not then it was never meant to be

What is the word for french love?

The French noun meaning love is amour. The verb meaning "to love" is aimer.

What songs did Lady Gaga sing and write?

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