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Where can you find a Bato Balani Investigatory Project?

i have a CD compilation of bato balani from 2003 to 2004....you can email me if you want a copy of it....they are all in pdf file... ** can you e-mail your pdf? please. inee

Who is bato?

Also known as Bato the Daesitiate. Bato was an Illyrian warlord who led the Daesitiates in the Great Illyrian revolt against the Roman Empire from 6-9 CE.

What does que bato mean?

Bato, mean Dude, or man, in chicano. "Eye Bato!" -George Lopez means "Hey Dude.   It can also mean Cholo, or other things of that sort

Bring bato balani science magazine documentary experiment?

"Bato Balani Magazine" is a science magazine that offers much  information on documentary experiments as well as other  experiments. The only way that you can obtain a copy