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What is the lyre notes of pusong bato?

Notes for the lyre hard to find for any song including Pusong Bato  because this is an unpopular instrument. One should instead look  for the piano notes and transcribe.

Ano ang biak na bato?

Biak na bato ay isang rebolusyonaryo koponan na ginawa ng Emilio Aguinaldo pagkatapos Andres Bonifacio ay pinatay. Ito ay higit pa ng isang deal ni Aguinaldo at Espanyol Gober

Why did the truce of biak na bato failed?

Because the Filipinos didn't trust the Spaniards, some Filipino officials kept their weapons with them in case of emergency. And the Spaniards didn't trust the FIlipinos at th

Panahon ng lumang bato?

Ito ang unang yugto sa pag-unlad ng kultura na tinawag na Panahon ng lumang Bato o Paleolithic Age.

Panahon ng bagong bato?

ang panahon ng bagong bato ay isa sa gamit ng pagsasaka ang matutulis na bato ay ginagamit nung wala pang pang araro

What is the pact of biak na bato?

The Pact of Biak-na-Bato was a series of three agreements signed in December 1897 between Spanish Governor-General Fernando Primo de Rivera and Emilio Aguinaldo, representing