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Switch Mode Power Supply
Found in almost every electronic device
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What is smp environment?

SMP stands for Symmetric MultiProcessing, and it refers to having muliple processors (or cores) in a single computer.    Most modern computers are coming with dual core

What is the use of smps?

SMPS stands for switch mode power supply it gives power supply to our computer so that our computer runs.

Function of smps?

SMPS stands for switched mode power supply. It compels a switching  regulator to be more efficient with the conversion of electrical  power.

What is the purpose of SMPS?

An SMPS is a switched-mode power supply. It is used to convert an unregulated power input into a regulated power output, often altering the voltage. In a modern computer, seve

What is smps?

switched mode power supply

Use of smps?

it is used to supply power to motherboard and other peripherals

What is difference between SMPS And UPS?

The Main difference between a Switched Mode Power Supply and an Uninteruptable Power Supply is the function. SMPS are like a conditioner of electricity supply for a building

How types are SMPS?

    SMPS are mainly 4:     flyback   pushpull   halfbridge   full bridge

Deferents between AT smps and ATX smps?

Basic difference between these are :- AT means "Advance Technology" while ATX is used for "Advance Technology Extended" SMPS. With respect to AT SMPS, ATX has an extra Plug of

Smps fan mean?

  Switch mode power supply (smps) converts 110-230 volts of alternating current to direct current that computer components need. The fan keeps the power supply cool.