What is the meaning of the phrase beside myself?

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Speechless with bewilderment. Dumbfounded with a tad bit of shock.
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How did Adage I'm beside myself originate?

Similar to "I'm out of my mind". Originally came from a phrase used in the Bible, in 2 Corinthians 5:13 - "For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God; if we are of sound mi

Is the following phrase correct Myself and Bob?

No. Never use "myself" in place of "me" or "I." For example, "Talk to me and Bob," or "Bob and I are here to help." ALSO myself herself himself ourselves etc are call

What is the origin of beside myself?

It means experiencing extreme joy. "Beside" was formerly (15th through 19th centuries) used in phrases to mean "out of a mental state or condition, as 'beside one's patience,

Can beside myself be used in a sentence?

(The idiomatic phrase "to be beside oneself" means to be anxious, upset or disturbed.) "After my dog wandered off, I was beside myself with worry."

Is this a correct grammatical phrase myself and my husband?

You usually refer to others before yourself. Myself is a reflexive pronoun and usually refers back to the subject of the sentence or clause. I admire myself . We coo

What does myself mean in Hebrew?

It depend on the sentence, and it usually a built-in part of the verb. As a separate word, it can be"ani or atzmi, depending on the sentence.

What does Bcc myself mean?

bcc means blind carbon copy, so the other recipients in the list do not know that the bcc (in this case "myself") has been sent a copy.

What is the meaning of kick myself?

To "kick yourself" means to hate yourself for doing something that could be seen as stupid or uneeded. Ex. The young man kicked himself after breaking up with his girlfri