What is the name of Samantha's sister on Bewitched?

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Samantha doesn't have a sister but she does have a cousin Serena who looks very much like her but is a brunette.
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What is the name of Vernon Dursley's sister?

Marjorie Dursley. Although she is not related to Harry he is forced to call her Aunt Marge. She is mentioned in the first book, sending a postcard that arrived the same day as Harry's first letter from Hogwarts.

Bewitch the senses?

can you help me answer this kung gusto mo malaman ang answer itanong mo sa puwet mo

What does bewitched mean?

1. To place under one's power by or as if by magic; cast a spell over.. 2. To captivate completely; entrance . A person with a crush on someone can be said to be bewitched, as inunder a spell.

What is Saint Samantha's story?

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Who is Samantha's father on bewitched?

The name of Samantha's father was Maurice (I don't think we ever learn Sam's maiden name) and he was played by Maurice Evans who also played Dr Zaius in the film 'Planet of the Apes' and the Puzzler in the 'Batman' TV series.

Who is ezmeralda on bewitch?

Answer: She is Samantha Steven,s aunt. Answer: Actually Esmeralda was not related to Samantha Stephens at all. She was Samantha and Darrin's maid who was also a witch but extremely shy. If Darrin just raised his voice to her she would slowly fade away. Whenever Samantha needed Esmeralda she would j (MORE)

Is there more Samantha's or Jessica's?

It is impossible to know whether there are more Samantha's or Jessica's in the world without having documentation from everyone. However, more baby girl's were named Samantha in 2008, then there were baby Jessica's.

What was Samantha's cousins name on bewitched?

Serena... Serena was known for wild,hippy style. In one episode Endora wishes Samantha was more like Serena so she puts a spell on Samantha to make her feel everything Serena feels.

Who was Tabathia from Bewitched?

Tabitha was Samantha and Darrens first born child. She, like Samantha, was also a witch. She joined the show in season 2 of Bewitched.

Who is kazoo on bewitched?

A Kazoo is a musical toy. Some were of round shape, others looked almost like a model submarine with the resonator in the space of the Conning Tower. Gazoo was a helmeted alien in The Flintstones.

Why did Bewitched end?

Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha was married to William Asher, who was the main director/producer of the show. During the eighth and final season, she fell in love with Robert Michaels, a regular director on the show, and had an affair with him. This broke up Montgomery and Asher's marriage (MORE)

What was Samantha'sname on bewitched?

Elizabeth Montgomery was the actress involved. She was also in a sort of science fiction drama about the side-effects of Suspended Animation. This was called She Lives ( a tv movie).

What is the name of the son on bewitched?

If I remember correctly, possibly to forestall criticism from the Decency Leagues- who did not like occult dramas, there were no juvenile characters on the original Bewitched. Besides, there is good reason for this, a reincarnated or ghost child side-slips in the origin channel of a child dying in i (MORE)

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Where was Bewitched filmed?

In California, upscale suburbs of L.A. area. From California, to the Grace Three Island, oops, that's a tramp steamer. Well again there is sanctifying Grace and Pan American Grace!

What was Louis Pasteur sisters named?

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What is the name of Justin's sister?

Laura Katherine Timberlake (May 14, 1997 - May 14, 1997) isthe name of U.S. performer and businessman Justin Timberlake'sstepsister; and Jazmyn Kathleen Bieber (b. May 30, 2007) is the name ofCanadian singer Justin Bieber's stepsister.

What were kids names in bewitched?

There were two witches- young and old- the older played by vet Occult Actress Hermione Gingold ( long before Mr. Potter re-introduced Hermione as a character) Younger enchantress was Elizabeth Montgomery. They had a (naturally black) Cat. Elizabeth"s husband, named Darrin completed the regular cast. (MORE)

Who was esmerelda on bewitched?

Esmeralda is the love-interest for Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, no he was not a football player. the word is Spanish and means, somewhat oddlym Emerald. With Saint Patrick"s day coming up I thought that should be mentioned. She"s Spanish gypsy not Irish.

Who were the characters on bewitched?

Samantha and Darrin Stephens, a witch and her mortal husband. Tabitha and Adam Stephens, their children, a witch and a warlock. Frank and Phyllis Stephens, Darrin's parents. Frank is a bored, retired executive, who's always looking for a scheme that can make him money. Phyllis is a controlling gra (MORE)

What was Samantha's cousins last name on bewitched?

We're never told. Endora tells Darrin that he'd never be able to pronounce her last name and I think that is the most we know about any of the witches' last names, with the exception of Samantha, of course

Who is Samantha's identical cousin on Bewitched?

Samantha's identical cousin was Serena, played by ElizabethMontgomery, who also played Samantha. When playing Serena, theblond Montgomery would wear a dark wig. Note that Montgomery wascredited as "Pandora Spocks" when playing Serena.

Where are celebrities of bewitched?

For the television series Bewitched, the main characters status, asof April 1, 2015 is: . Samantha - Elizabeth Montgomery passed away in 1995. . Endora - Agnes Moorehead passed away in 1974. . Darrin (original) - Dick York passed away in 1992. . Darrin (2nd) - Dick Sargent passed away in 1994. (MORE)