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Well, Hathor is the cow goddess.


Answer: The question refers to an Egyptian god, which rules out goddesses. The answer is the Apis (hieroglyphs: hpw), a bull-calf god worshipped in the area of Memphis. This name appears in very early Egyptian texts but its origin is very mysterious so very little is known about it until the New Kingdom; much was written in the Late Period by Greek and Roman observers.

A black bull-calf with very specific markings was seen as the earthly incarnation of the Apis; each one was eventually sacrificed and a new Apis was then found. Each calf was given an elaborate and costly burial in a purpose-built tomb, many of which have been discovered.

The cult of the Apis was so strong in the Ptolomaic period that the Macedonian Greek rulers of Egypt absorbed it into their own religion - but as a man rather than a bull calf, becoming known in Greek as Serapis. The worship of this "invented" god continued until 385 AD under Roman rule.
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