What is the name of the Italian soocer team?

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The Italians call the national football team "gli azzurri".
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Why does the Italian soccer team wear blue?

There are two conflicting answers on the topic - Theory 1: It is said that the jersey was chosen to be blue as a honor to the royal Savoia family of Italy. During the first two games that the officialy national team played, the players wore white shirts with their club team shorts, after which bl (MORE)

Italian Soccer Teams?

the main ones are A.c. Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio, Pharma , Juventus, Bresica Bolgana, atlanta.

How much time is the soocer game?

Most soccer games are around 1 hr.. Who ever wrote that is an idiot. All professional soccer games last for 90 minutes.. P.S only Americans call it soccer, but that's not its name, the name of this beautiful game is FOOTBALL

How many Italian soccer teams are there?

23: ITALY SERIE A: AC Milan Ascoli Atalanta Cagliari Catania Chievo Empoli Fiorentina Inter Milan Lazio Livorno Messina Palermo Parma Reggina Roma Sampdoria Siena Torino Udinese ITALY SERIE B: Juventus Lecce Treviso

What is 'team sexy' when translated from English to Italian?

Gruppo sensuale , squadra sexy , and team sexy are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "team sexy." Context makes clear whether work (case 1), sports (example 2), or Anglicization (instance 3) suits. The respective pronunciations will be "GROOP-po sen-SWA-ley," SKWA-dra SEK-see," and "teem (MORE)

What is the Italian translation of 'team'?

Squadra is an Italian equivalent of the English word "team." Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine noun. It can be preceded by its definite article la ("the") or its indefinite article una ("a, one"). The pronunciation is "SKWAH-drah."

Is there a shootout in soocer?

yes a penalty shootout which involves 5 players from each team taking shots at the oppositions goalkeeper from the penalty spot . whoever gets the most goals wins. If it is a tie then it goes to sudden death

What are team names?

Team names are thing that describe a team,where they represent, and their colors. Example: Raptors- They are Toronto's basketball team and wear the colors red,black,purple, and white.

How did Italian get its name?

Italian people get it's name from old people..........then old people remember the date that they invented and now in Italy they also use there name did you know the date they mark will celebrate in which people name example: if my name is Amalia and the date that they invented is 12th of Decemb (MORE)

What is the best Italian football team?

As far as this season goes, the best team in the Italian Serie A league is Internazionale. They are led by world class players Wesley Sneijder of the Netherlands and Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon. Inter is 18-4 this year with 9 draws as well. They are currently in first place, right in front of AS Roma a (MORE)

Is the name Kempesta an Italian name?

No, it isn't. I think you have mispelled it. Italian "tempesta", with a "t", not a "k", means "storm". The k consonant is not in the original Italian alphabet. You can find it a few words only, but they are all imported from other languages. BTW in "tempesta" the stress is on the second "e", not (MORE)

What is the Italian name 'Francesca' in English?

Free is the English equivalent meaning of the Italian name 'Francesca'. The Italian name comes from the Latin name 'Franciscus' . It's prononced 'frahn-CHEH-skah'. Many Italian names take female and male forms. The masculine equivalent is 'Francesco' . It's pronounced 'frahn-CHEH-skoh'.

What is the Italian translation of 'My name is Justin'?

Mi chiamo Giustino is an Italian equivalent of the English phase "My name is Justin." Specifically, the reflexive pronoun mi means "me." The verb chiamo means "(I) am called, call, do call." The pronunciation is "mee KYAH-moh djoo-STEE-noh."

Is the name serrato spanish or Italian?

Spanish: apparently a variant of the habitational name Cerrato or a habitational name from Serrato in Málaga. . Catalan (Serrató): topographic name for someone who lived by a low hill, from a diminutive of serrat . . Southern Italian: apparently from serrato 'closed', 'shut', but more lik (MORE)

Is the name Franko Italian?

The surname "Franko" is from Italian, however the spelling has beenchanged from Franco . The K inItalian does not exist. Though, when names have been changed, evenslightly, it means that the family may have Italian descent, thoughit would go far down in their family tree.

What is the pronunciation of the Italian name 'Giusi'?

" DJOO-see " is the pronunciation of the Italian name Giusi . Specifically, the name functions as a proper noun. It may be a nickname for the given names Giustina ("Justine") and Giustino ("Justin"). It also serves as a last name, particularly in Sicily.

How do pro teams get team names?

The owner of the team at the moment of his creation choose the name of his club, the name can change through the year evolving with the history of the club.

Is 'Vidal' an Italian name?

No, Vidal is not an Italian name. The masculine proper name may be found used as a forename or surname. It tends to be linked with Catalan, Portuguese, Separdic Jewish, and Spanish backgrounds.

Who is the captian of the Italian soccer team?

Fabbio Cannavaro is the actual captain of the italiam soccer team. But he has just retired after the awful performance of the Italian Team in the World Cup. We´ll find out soon, who is the new captain of the Italian Soccer Team

What is 'football team' when translated from English to Italian?

Squadra di calcio and squadra di football americano are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "football team." The two phrases translate literally as "team of soccer" and "team of American football" in English. The respective pronunciations will be "SKWA-dra dee KAL-tcho" and "SKWA-dra dee fo (MORE)

How long has soocer been around?

Some people believe that the 'Laws of the game' for 'Association football' also known as 'Soccer' were written in the 19th centaury by a man called Ebenezer C. Morley. The year was 1863. But, the Japanese invented soccer in approximately 1004 B.C. There are traces of games extremely similar to soc (MORE)

Where they play soocer?

People play soccer in a soccer field, which are located in almost any park. Professionals play usually in soccer stadiums. If this does not answer your question, please be more specific next time.

Is the name olschewski an Italian name?

No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not be an Italian name. No, Olschewski would not (MORE)

Where is located the Italian soccer team?

It does not have a fixed location. An international team is notlike a club. The players for the team play in various clubs aroundItaly and in other countries. They come together to play for theinternational team when it has games. International matches do nothappen very often. An international team (MORE)