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What is the name of the dark pigment that causes many animals to be black or dark brown?

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The pigment is called melanin.
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Whats the difference between a black horse and a dark brown horse with black hair?

ANSWER #1: Dark brown horses usually have a lighter brown coloured muzzle and underbelly , whereas black horses are completely jet black and don't have lighter areas.   ANS

What causes the tornado funnel cloud to black and dark?

The funnel cloud of a tornado is full of water droplets just likean ordinary cloud. As a result it blocks light and may appear dark.A tornado may also appear dark if it is lif

What causes urine to be dark brown color?

Your pee can be dark brown from many things but that means some thing is wrong it maybe caused by the flu or just being sick. If your pee does not change color in two to three

What are some romantic anime shows that the main girl character has long black blue or dark brown hair?

Blue: Touka Gettan Black: The Wallflower Saiunkoku Monogatari (2 seasons) Shakugan No Shana (4 seasons) Paradise Kiss InuYasha Brown: Vampire Knight & Guilty (2 seasons) Fruit

What can cause you to cough up dark-brown phlegm?

It could be from cigarette or marijuana smoking or, in a worse case scenario, it could be blood in the mucous. A doctor's examination is warranted in either case.

What does dark brown almost black discharge mean?

  Answer   Dark brown vaginal discharge could indicate a viral lesion, a infertility risk factor, to include HPV plantar wart viruses. Significant changes in color a

What is a dark brown or black pigment that is naturally present to verying degrees in the skin hair eyes fur or feathers of people and animals as well as in plants?

I believe you're referring to melanin. Yup, melanin, and it is more than just dark brown and black pigment. Melanin is the primary determinant for all colors found in ski
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You dyed your hair black and its to dark How can you get back to dark brown?

If you have died your hair to dark and what to get it back to an original coulor (or lighter coulor) i suggest using boots coulor b4 (£10.00) its a hmoe stripper this mean it

What causes dark or black stool?

Black stool can be nothing, but it can also be serious. It can be  as simple as eating too many Oreos, but it can also mean there is  blood in the stool. Blood in the stool