What is the narrowest country in western South America?

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Chile is a long, narrow country on the western coast of South America.

From north to south, Chile extends 4,270 km (2,653 mi), and averages 177 km (110 mi) east to west. It is shaped like a long ribbon, reaching from the middle of South America's west coast straight down to the southern tip of the continent, where it curves slightly eastward.
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What countries are in South America?

Here is a list of all 14 countries of South America: 1. Argentina 2. Bolivia 3. Brazil 4. Chile 5. Colombia 6. Ecuador 7. Falkland Islands (UK) 8. French Guiana (France) 9. Guyana 10. Paraguay 11. Peru 12. Suriname 13. Uruguay 14. Venezuela [Note: "South Georgia & South Sandwich Isl (MORE)

How many countries are there in South America?

There are 12 sovereign nations and a department: Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela *French Guiana (part of France) The island nation "Trinidad and Tobago", and the Dutch islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao (MORE)

What country is located in south america?

There are 12 countries whose primary continent is South America. They are Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador. The United Kingdom, France, and Panama have land in South America as well, but Panama's primary continent is North (MORE)

Narrowest country in western south America?

Chile is a long, narrow country on the western coast of SouthAmerica. From north to south, Chile extends 4,270 km (2,653 mi), andaverages 177 km (110 mi) east to west. It is shaped like a longribbon, reaching from the middle of South America's west coaststraight down to the southern tip of the cont (MORE)

What is the longest and narrowest country?

The most narrow country in the world is the Republic of Gambia, which is less than 30 miles (48.2 km) at its widest point. Another narrow country is Cyprus, with an average width of about 25 miles (41 km). Proportionally, Chile is an extremely narrow country as well. From north to south, Chile ex (MORE)

All the countries in South America?

The countries in South America include Brazil, Colombia, Argentina,Peru, Venezuela, Chile, and Ecuador. The other countries in thecontinent are Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, FrenchGuiana, and Falkland Islands.

What are 5 countries in South America?

Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Comumbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and the Falkland Islands.

What country is South America is the richest?

Chile is, and it also has one of the lower class divides. Argentina is 2nd with a moderate class divide, then Uruguay, then Brazil. The poorest is either Bolivia, Peru, or Paraguay.

What country is South of America?

South America is a continent, not a single country.. It is made up of 15 separate countries.. If by America you mean the United States, the country closest to the south of the United States is Mexico.

What are the largest countries in South America?

Brazil, with 8,511,965 km 2 , is the largest country in South America, followed by Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guyana, Uruguay, Suriname, French Guiana (France), and Falkland Islands (UK).

Spanish countries in South America?

The following South American countries do not speak Spanish: . Brazil . Suriname . French Guiana . The Falkland Islands All of the rest speak Spanish: . Argentina . Colombia . Chile . Paraguay . Peru . Uruguay . Venezuela

What are the countries of South America and their capitals?

The countries and capitals of South America (roughly from north tosouth): Colombia- Bogota Venezuela- Caracas Guyana- Georgetown Suriname- Paramaribo Brazil- Brasilia Ecuador - Quito Peru - Lima Bolivia - La Paz (government) and Sucre (constitutional) Chile - Santiago Paraguay - Asuncion Argentina- (MORE)

Poorest country in south America?

That would be Bolivia, because it is "landlocked", or it has no access to an ocean, or river, making it very hard to trade with other countries. Say there is a clothing factory in the center of the country, and they wanted to ship one hundred boxes of jackets to their neighbor, Chile. It would be pr (MORE)

Which 3 countries are in South America?

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador French Guiana Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela However there are many islands around south America, most of which are ruled by former European empier e.g The Falkland islands by the british.

What 3 countries are in south America?

There are more that three countries in South America. These include: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Suriname, Venezuela, French Guyana, Brazil, Colombia bolivia and Guyana republic (not the french Guyana) there are actually two Guyanas and the third which was the dutch Guyana is the coun (MORE)

Is South America a developed country?

\nSouth America is not a country, but rather a continent of land with multiple nations within it. Of which include developed and developing nations.

What are the countries in north America and South America?

North America : - Canada - United States - Mexico - Belize - Guatemala - Honduras - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Bahamas - Jamaica - Cuba - Haiti - Dominican Republic - Dominica - Antigua and Barbuda - Barbados - Grenada - St. Lucia - Saint Kitts and Nevis - Saint Vincent and t (MORE)

What is a thin country in south america?

The longest, narrowest country in South America is Chile. It is over 2,600 miles long and no part is over 217 miles wide. It has a total land area of 292,000 square miles.

What is the country that borders South America?

The only land border with South America is in Panama (Central America) which borders Colombia. Island territories of the Netherlands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) share a sea border with Venezuela, as does the independent island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. French Guiana, a territory of France, (MORE)

What country is the tip of south America?

Argentina and Chile stretch down the legnth of southern of SouthAmerica and merge near the tip at the south. However, Chile holds the title of being the most further south asit hold control over the islands of Diego Ramirez Island which is considered to be thesouthernmost point of the continent.

Is Australia a country in South America?

No it is a country in the region of Oceania. Some people also call Oceania, Australia because it is the biggest country in it. Australia is the largest country in the continent of Australia (the continent Australia includes Australia and the islands around it). It is located in the Pacific Ocean.

Are Caribbean countries are in South America?

No, Caribbean countries are mostly independent island states - some English speaking, others spanish and dutch and frech speaking. They are not part of the continent of South America.

Is South America is an equatorial country?

Part of it is. Ecuador, for example. lies directly on the equater (hence the name). Excluding Brazil, which abuts Ecuador, no other South American country lies on the equater, so they cannot be considered "equatorial" countries,

Is South America a landlocked country?

No, because South America is a continent and not a country. If you are looking for a landlocked country from South America the only two are Bolivia, South America, and Paraguay, South America

Which country is to the north of south America?

There is no "contry" north of So. America. If country is meant, the question again shows tragic geographic ignorance. More or less located due North of So. America. a) The countries of Central America b) The island countries of the Caribbean c) The countries of North America. However if "North (MORE)

What is the important country in south America?

First of all, I assume you mean "What is the most important country in South America?" Second, in order for anybody to provide a proper answer, you have to include some sort of criteria. For instance: Which\ncountry in South America is the poorest (defining "poorest" as having the largest numbe (MORE)