What is the nickname for the British flag?

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The nickname for the British flag is the Union Jack. Although it is only correctly known as this when flown on a ship.
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What do the colors on the British flag mean?

The British flag combines characteristics of the three oldernational flags. The red saltire of St. Patrick representingIreland, the white saltire of St. Andrew to Scotland and the redcross of St. George for the Kingdom of England.

What does the British flag look like?

It has a red x shape in the middle with a red line down and across. The background colour is blue. See the related link for a picture from Wikipedia.

What are some nicknames for the American Flag?

Old Glory, The Stars and Stripes, The Red, White, and Blue, and TheStar-Spangled Banner are the most popular nicknames of the US Flag. Answer As there is no such thing as the American flag andassuming you actually mean the US flag then; old glory and the stars and stripes. You can also add, "Star (MORE)

What is the name of the British flag?

-- Flag vs Jack -- The British Flag is called the 'Union Flag', as it is comprised of the crosses of St Andrew (Scotland), St George (England) and St Patrick (Ireland). St David is not included because Wales is a Principality, not a Kingdom. The flag is called the 'Union Jack' when flown from a sh (MORE)

What does the cross on the british flag stand for?

The red cross on white background is the Cross of St George, the flag of England. The white diagonal cross on blue background is the Cross of St Andrew, the flag of Scotland And the red diagonal cross on white background is the Cross of St Patrick, which represents Northern Ireland.

American flag nicknames?

The red, white, and blue; Old Glory; Stars and Stripes, Star Spangled Banner. Hope that helps!!

Nickname for confederate battle flag?

If you mean the most well known of the Confederate flags (red background with 13 white stars on navy blue, piped white diagonal stripes) I think it was just called 'the battle flag' - The Confederates had to introduce this new design part way into the civil war because their earlier flag 'the stars (MORE)

Why is the British flag included in the Australian flag?

The Australian flag has the Union Jack which is the British flag onthe top left hand corner because the British colonised Australia,and the Union Jack symbolises Australia's continuing ties withBritain. Australia has no continuing ties with the UK having legallyseparated in 1986 with the coming into (MORE)

Nicknames for the us flag?

Old Glory is one of the nicknames used for the US flag. The starsand stripes is another common nickname.

What is the confederate flag nickname?

This is actually the the confederate battle flag. The "crossed stars" is still incorporated in flags of a few southern states (Georgia and Mississippi maybe more). The official flag of the Confederate states of America changed many times in its short life. The Stars and Bars is the a common nickname (MORE)

What do the british flag colors mean?

The red on the British flag of the revolutionary war stands for St. George. He was in a war so the red stands for his blood. The white stands for the war he was in. I haven't quite found out what the blue stands for, I think it means freedom.

What was the British flag?

An amalgamation of of the English and Scottish flags, with the Saint Patrick's cross used to represent Northern Ireland.

What is Tennessee flag nickname?

In a case where you are looking up a state flag nickname don't get your hopes up. Most state flags don't have a nickname, and Tennessee is one of those many states.

Who was the British flag named after?

The Union Flag was named so because in 1707 England and Scotland merged to Form Great Britain in the Act of union, and updated in 1801 Act of union to include Ireland. It is called the Union Jack, because jack is a term that used to be used commonly for any flag. Commonly now people refer to the U (MORE)

Why does the hawaiian flag have the British flag?

Because of Hawaii's relationship with the British. The Hawaiian king originally flew the British Union flag on its own, but a group of advisor's recommended it be changed to include stripes to represent the islands he had united.

What is the nicknames of the American flag?

"The American flag was first referred to as " The Star-Spangled Banner " by Francis Scott Key in 1814 when he wrote the poem, "The Defense of Fort McHenry". This poem later became our national anthem." "The American flag was first referred to as " Old Glory " by William Driver, a sea captain from (MORE)

What are the US flag nicknames?

Names are Old Glory, Stars and Stripes and the Star Spangled Banner Old Glory, the Star-Spangled Banner, the Stars and Stripes, and the Red, White, and Blue

What flags make up the British flag?

The flag of the United Kingdom, also called the Union Flag (the term Union Jack is in popular use, but refers to the flag only when being flown at sea), consists of the cross of St. George, present on the English flag, the cross of St. Patrick, present on the flag of Northern Ireland, and the cross (MORE)

What is the British flag called?

The British Flag The official flag of Great Britain/United Kingdom is called "The Union Flag". But is better known and officially referred to by its common nickname, Union Jack. The Union Jack represents the four countries of Great Britain in a union, which are England, Scotland, Wales and Nort (MORE)

Who made the British flag?

The British Union Jack flag was made up of three of the four different flags of each country Scotland the white diagonal cross and blue background , Northern Ireland red diagonal cross and white background, England the white background and red cross when put together this makes up the union jack.

What is the meaning of the British columbian flag?

The four white and three blue wave-like lines symbolize the location of BC between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. The setting sun represents the fact that BC is the westernmost province. The Union Jack represents BC's British heritage. The crown is a symbol of the monarchy.

How was the Great British flag formed?

The united Kingdom flag was formed with the union of three 'nations'. England, Wales and Scotland. It was the merging of the 'nations' flags which formed the Union Jack and Britain.

What are the three flags of the british flag?

The Union Flag (British flag) is made up of 3 crosses: -St. George's Cross (the red central cross) for England -St. Patrick's Cross (the red diagonal cross) for Ireland -St. Andrew's Cross (the white cross on the blue background) for Scotland

What is the history behind the british flag?

The history behind the British flag: It used to be called the Union flag/ Union jack because it represented the union of all the countries of the United Kingdom. The flag is an amalgamation of three flags, England North Ireland and Scotland.

Why did the British make a striped flag?

When King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne (including Ireland), a united kingdom was formed under one ruler. A new flag was made to represent this new nation, and it was formed from the flag of England (red cross on white background) and the flag of Scotland (white X-cross on blue b (MORE)

Why is Wales not represented in the british flag?

Wales does want representation and they have proposed the flag with the original 1801 flag with a dragon in the middle and instead of the red diagonals (St. Patrick's cross - Northern Ireland) they would replace it with green. This is unfair to Northern Ireland because then it would kick them off of (MORE)

What flag has the nickname of stars and bars?

The "Stars and Bars" is the common name for the first national flag of the Confederate States of America (CSA) dating from March 1861. The seven (7) stars in a circle represented the seven (7) states that seceded from the United States of America (USA). Eventually there were eleven (11) states that (MORE)

What is Wyoming's state flag nickname?

Wyoming's state flag does not have a nickname. However, the state of Wyoming's official nickname is "The Equality State" which appears on Wyoming's state flag.

What is the nickname of the Engalnd flag?

The British flag is also known as the 'Union Jack' or 'Union Flag' as it represents the administrative union of three countries that came together, under sovereignty, around 1921. The flag is a combination of three separate flags, that of Great Britain, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There is cont (MORE)

What was the nickname for the original US flag?

The original USA flag was the Continental Colors or Grand Union Flag. It was a British Red Ensign defaced with 6 white stripes, creating a field of 13 red-and-white stripes. In 1777 the crosses in the canton of the Grand Union Flag were replaced with 13 white stars. The pattern was not prescribed (MORE)

What is the symbol on the British Flag?

The British Union Flag is made up of the broad white diagonal crossof St Andrew, on a blue background of Scotland; the broad red crossof St George on a white background; and the diagonal red cross ofSt Patrick, Ireland. There is no Welsh symbol as Wales isrepresented by the English cross of St Georg (MORE)