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An unkindness.
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How is Scrooge bitter and unkind?

The only pleasure out of life he has is his viciousness, and he  takes pride in being bitter and mean, especially to his nephew,  Fred.

Why is a group of ravens called an unkindness?

A group of Ravens can have three different names depending on the activity of the group; a constable, an unkindness, or a conspiracy. A constable of ravens refers historicall

Birds and animals have feelings dont be unkind to them.?

Just like us animals and birds are also living things. they also  have senses like touch and sight. They have a heart and feelings  though of course you dont see them crying

Why does the ghosts show Scrooge the unkindness of his father?

The Ghost of Christmas Past wants to remind Ebenezer (and the  readers) why he became embittered against the holiday, and against  humanity in general. Part of the reason wa