What is the old Scots tranlation for a little bit of Scots?

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Who are the Scots?

The 'Scots' can refer to various things through Scottish history. Originally what is now Scotland was occupied by the Picts, a Northern Celtic people, similar to the Bryth

How old was Mary queen of Scots when she died?

Mary was born Dec. 7 or 8th 1542 and died in 1587 which makes her 45 at her death. Elizabeth signed her warrant of execution on Feb. 1, 1587. It was carried out on the 8th. He

What are Scots?

People living in Scotland (It is part of Great Britain or the United Kingdom)
In Scotland

Why are the Scots called the Scots?

Scotland was named after the Scotti tribe from Ireland who settled in southwest Scotland. People from Scotland can either be called Scottish or Scots.