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Someone said that the Germans "invented" birthdays. I remember reading in the Bible, way before the Germans, at least as we know Germany, an account of Herod's soon to be stepdaughter, Salome, doing a dance in Honor of his (Herod's) birthday. The Bible also refers to a birthday during the times of Joseph when in bondage to the Egyptians. Neither account condones such a practice, just gives the instance that pagans of the past celebrated them.
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Why do you celebrate birthdays?

  To celebrate your life...yes everyday should be a celebration, but the day you were born, the day you entered this life. A beautiful life that deserves to be celebrated

How do you celebrate your birthday?

how to celebrate the birthday in Nepali style? you can celebrate your birthday in many ways the best way is to celebrate in simple ways. first invite the person whom you li

How did she celebrate her birthday?

Each woman celebrates her birthday in a way that means something to  them. Some women celebrate with family and a big party, while  others have a small party with close frie

How do I celebrate my birthday?

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When are celebrity birthdays?

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Why is birthdays celebrated?

Birthdays are celebrated because it's to show ppl dat God has created us into good humun beings n dat we shud respect our lifes no matta wat xx (L)

Why the celebration of birthday?

Because in the olden times it was very hard to live long lives due to the prevalence of so many terrible deseases and illnesses, so you got presents as a well done you stayed

Why do not celebrate birthday?

some people dont celebrate birthdays because it might be against their religion to celebrate birthdays or the person has forgotten its on that day :D (which would never happen