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the saying "green thumb" means someone who, not literally, has a green thumb because they like gardening. When growing tobacco, farmers remove the flowers from the crops in order to increase the size and weight of the leafs. This process, known as "topping," is standard practice even today. In early colonial America, when tobacco was the major cash crop, farmers would hand-pick the flowers using their thumbnails to cut the stem. After a while, the farmer's thumb would be stained green. Hence the term, Green Thumb.
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What does 'having a green thumb' mean?

This is a saying that means you are good at growing things, anything you plant will grow good. More information In the UK, the expression is having "green fingers." Green t

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  a british judge sir francis buller was reputed to have said that a man can legallly beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. but this is a disputed fact.

Where did the idiom'' Green Thumb'' came from?

Gardeners who worked with earthenware pots found their thumbs  stained green from algae growing on the outside of these pots,  according to one theory. Another theory claims

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How can Green Thumb be used in a sentence?

The "Green Thumb" chain of supermarkets is popular because of their ability to pass on their savings to their customers. I have a "green thumb" when it comes to gardening.

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if you like nature and you would like to make your own fruits and vegetables and you would take the time to care for them then go for it. but if you don't like to get dirty, t

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Green thumbs represents an aptitude for gardening, thought to of US/Canadian origin in the early 1940's. The English equivalent of 'green fingers' appears in the 1930's. It is