What is the origin of wearing black to funerals?

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It is said to have originated from a time when people believed that when a loved one passed away, that the souls of the dead would leave that body any enter the body of a mourning loved one. So people started wearing black robes to hide their faces so that the lost soul would not find them and continue on to the after life. As years went by it transformed into a showing of respect for the dead.
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What is the purpose of wearing black on the day of a funeral?

black is known as the color of Mourning and Grief , which is suppose to symbolize the pain that is being felt due to the loss of their loved one.;. The custom of wearing unad

At a funeral do you wear all black or just one item?

You could wear all black, but really the immediate family traditionally does that. I am actually attending a funeral tomorrow for a good friends father. I am wearing a blac

Why do you wear black to funerals?

because funurals are obviousley a sound and mournful time and black alone can be a very sad color because of how dark it is

How did wearing a black dress to a funeral get started?

Black is the color of arm, so to speak for funerals and mortuary stuff such as Hearses, suits worn by Undertakers, mourning bands ( not the musical variety) and so on. as Nigh