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What is the percentage of tax from early withdrawal of your 401 k in Arkansas?

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If you do not have your funds directly sent from the 401k to another eligible retirement plan, 20% of the taxable portion of your distribution will be withheld for federal taxes plus whatever is required by your state law. However, this is NOT the actual amount of tax or penalty that you owe on the distribution. The 20% is sort of a down payment on your taxes. The actual amount of taxes that you owe (plus any penalty for early distribution) will be calculated when you fill out your tax return (Form 1040) at the end of the year. The distribution will be added to all of your other income and then your deductions will be subtracted and your tax will be calculated based on your total income for the year. And then the 10% early distribution penalty (if applicable) will be added to that to determine your tax liability. Any tax that you already paid (like the 20% withholding) will then be subtracted from your liability. If you didn't pay enough, you will have to pay more with your tax return. If you paid too much, you'll get a refund when you file.
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