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What is the phobia name for fear of hats?

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The fear of hats, has a few names, but the most common is cocklaphobia.
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Is there a phobia name for fear of doors?

Answer   entamaphobia     Answer   I have checked phobialist.com and didn't find anything about a fear of doors. I did not find entamaphobia there nor via a

What is the name of the phobia for the fear of sponges?

i share this phobia, its the texture for me   i think i know what you mean, it doesnt matter if there wet or dry but if i rub one on my skin it gives me goosebumps and shiv

What phobia is fear of hats?

One word coined for the fear is cocklaphobia : fear of wearing,  seeing, or touching hats.

What is the phobia name for the fear of irony?

I don't think there has been a case with the fear of irony, from the point of mental conditions yet... but if you're looking for what it would be called, it would be Ironiaoph

What is the phobia name for fear of hippos?

I don't think there's a phobia name for having a fear of hippos. But there is a phobia name that has the word "Hippo" in it: Hippopotomonstosesquippedaliophobia, which is the

What is the name of the phobia that is a fear of photographs?

There is no specific phobia meaning the fear of photographs, photography or cameras. The closest match may be Eisoptrophobia, the fear of seeing oneself in the mirror, which m