What is the plural of platypus?

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"Platypus" or "platypuses" are both accepted plural forms.

The plural of platypus is not platypi. It is unfortunate that some dictionaries include platypi as a plural. Listing "octopi" as the plural of octopus is also incorrect, for the same reason. Both words are from Greek, not Latin.

"Platypi" is a colloquialism, and incorrect both grammatically and etymologically. The term uses pseudo-Latin rules.
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What is a platypus?

The Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a semi-aquatic mammalendemic to eastern Australia and Tasmania. Together with theshort-beaked and long-beaked echidna, it is one of

What does a platypus do?

A platypus does many things. Unlike almost all other mammals, it reproduces by laying eggs. It swims, yet uses its feet also for digging burrows. It hunts for food in freshwat

What makes a platypus a platypus?

The platypus has a number of unique characteristics which set it apart from other animals. It has: . Webbed feet with a retracting webbed membrane which can expose the claws

Is a platypus is a what?

A platypus is many things. It is: . a monotreme, or egg-laying mammal . native to Australia alone . a semi-aquatic mammal

Is the plural of platypus platypodes?

That would be the plural using Greek rules: both platypus and octopus are from Greek, and do not (as is commonly assumed) use the Latin plurals platypi and octopi . The co

Is a duckbilled platypus a kind of platypus?

The correct term is just "platypus", and there is just one species ( Ornithorhynchus anatinus ) which is the single remaining representative of its taxonomical family (Ornitho

What does a male platypus have that a female platypus does not have?

Male platypuses have a venomous spur on each of their hind legs, through which they can deliver a poison strong enough to kill a small dog, and to cause almost paralysing agon

Why is octopi the plural of octopus but platypus is platypuses and not platypi?

The pluralization of octopus as "octopi" is in fact, in its Latinate form, incorrect, as this would require it to be a second declension Latin word. Since its classification i

What does the platypus have?

The platypus has webbed feet with a retracting webbed membrane which can expose the claws, enabling the platypus to effectively dig burrows. Its claws are used for digging bur

What do platypus and platypus frogs have in common?

Apart from the name, the only similarities between platypuses and platypus frogs is the fact that they are both vertebrates and both are native to Australia. Platypuses are ma