What is the population in darfur?

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About 5,500,000 according to estimates.
Due to the war it is impossible to get accurate detailed figures
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What is Darfur?

A formerly independent sultanate that is now a part of Sudan,

Where is darfur?

Darfur is a region in Western Sudan (formerly an independent sultanate) approximately the size of France. The population in Darfur is 8.5 million people of which 2.5 million p

Is there genocide in darfur?

YES. Genocide is the deliberate extermination of a political, racial, color, ect. group.. This is exactly what is going on in Darfur. People in Sudan who are black and NOT Mu

Why is darfur in the news?

they are dying because the person that is in charge of darfudont want to give them any water or food

Who is the president of darfur?

Currently, the president of Sudan (the capital of Darfur, as Darfur is only a region) is the brutal dictator, Omar Al Bashir. Bashir has been charged by the international crim
In Darfur

Who is Darfur in war with?

The Sudan government hires the Janjaweed to exterminate the other ethnic groups in Sudan from the South. The rebel groups such as the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army and the J