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What is the principle of retribution?

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The retribution principle is basically those who are good/righteous will prosper and those that are bad/wicked will suffer.
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Is retribution effective?

Retribution can be effective if the person is willing to admit amistake and improve following the retribution. In most cases,rehabilitation is more effective.

What is retribution?

Retribution is basically the principle of an eye for an eye. According to Ernest Van De Haag it is the paramount reason we should punish. The difference between revenge and re

Who was the Greek goddess of retribution?

Nemesis was the greek goddess of vengeance, and she was attended by Poena, the goddess of punishment, sometimes called Poine. She governed retribution, vengeance, recompense,

What does retribution mean?

Retribution is getting back at someone who has hurt you. He hurt  you, so you are going to hurt him back.   punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or 

What is symbolic retribution?

  It's an emblematic punishment to express mostly in-principle protest. It is also known as a token punishement.   Prof. Tarak shah,   IIPM Ahmedabad, India

A sentence for retribution?

I need to work in an environment where I can express my opinions without fear of retribution.

Is retribution a noun?

Yes, retribution is a noun, a common, singular, abstract noun.

Is retribution helpful?

no not really because it is not punishment and just makes people feel worse... i think people should just kiss each other instead:)