What is the procedure for Benedict's Test?

Answer You must take the testing object, then add Benedict's solution in a test tube. Then in a boiling beaker of water, place the test tube in. Let it sit there and see if there is any color change or precipitated materials.
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What does the HCl acid do in the Benedict's Test for non-reducing sugars?

  Dilute HCL solution hydrolyses non-reducing sugar (sucrose) into its components; monosaccharides; glucose and fructose, and then solution must get neutralised by a base (MORE)
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What is the principle of the Benedict's test?

Benedict reagent PrincipleUrinary sugars when boiled in Benedict's reagent reduce copper sulphate to a reddish cuprous oxide precipitate in hot alkaline medium, the intensity (MORE)
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Why do you heat substanses with Benedict's reagent with them while testing?

Answer:-   It requires energy for the Cu2+ ions in the Benedicts to be reduced to Cu+     Explanation:-   Benedicts reagent indicates a reducing sugar because i (MORE)
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How do you test fopr sugar with the Benedict's solution?

The test for a reducing sugar using benedicts solution is by, first making a colour chart, using various KNOWN concentrations of glucose situations, if available.Then use the (MORE)

What does iodine and Benedict's test indicate?

Iodine tests for the presence of starch. It is brownish yellow in color if there is no starch present, and bluish black if starch is present. Benedict's solution is used to t (MORE)

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