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What is the reason for the standstill in the Philippines claim over sabah?

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What are their reasons for leaving the Philippines?

If you mean temporarily leaving the Philippines, I can say it is because of the salary and job opportunities. If I'm not mistaken the usual maximum age for employment is 25 so

What are the reasons for claim rejection?

A claim can be rejected in any of the following situations-   1.Insurer can reject the claim if the policyholder has some  pre-existing disease which was not disclosed du

What is the legal basis of sabah claim by the sultanate of sulu?

Malaysia was formed and given independence by the British Government in 1963. The Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo was also given by the British Government the 'Letter of Ad

What are the reasons why the Spaniards came her in the philippines?

1. Because a conqueror named Ferdinand Magellan and his 350 men with their ships were led in the Philippines and it is because they only rely on the wind direction. 2. Instea

What is the reason of population explosion in the Philippines?

  Population Explosion in The Philippines   Population explosion is considered as one of the undisputable alarming obstacles that stand on the path of the less develo

Why does some of the iranun tribe of the Philippines moved to Sabah Malaysia?

The existence of the Iranun in Sabah, Malaysia is one of the untold episode or history of the Iranun as Nation of the world, way back from the Uranen Kingdom of the prehistory

Why does Malaysia claim the Spratly Islands and Sabah when the Philippines claims them too?

Malaysia did not have interest in the spratlys, But when the  philippines started exploring the island and found gas and oil  resserve malaysian goverment suddenly had inter

What is the basis of Philippines in claiming spratly islands?

The Philippines base their claims of sovereignty over the Spratlys on theissues of res nullius. The definition of res nullius is "A thing which has no owner or A thing which h

How did the Philippines claim Spratly and Sabah Islands?

I think the 90% Christian majority of the Philippines understand and share the feelings of the Sabahans. Middle age Filipinos had the felling of connectivity towards the Saba

What were 4 reasons for annexation in the philippines?

Expansion would help the United States grow as a world leader. The  United States wanted to educate the residents of the  Philippines,the US believed that every person deser