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What is the reason for the standstill in the Philippines claim over sabah?

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How did the Philippines claim Spratly and Sabah Islands?

I think the 90% Christian majority of the Philippines understand and share the feelings of the Sabahans. Middle age Filipinos had the felling of connectivity towards the Sabah

Why are the islands of Sabah and Spratly being claimed by the Philippines?

Sabah and Spratly island The Spanish was forced to sell the Philippines to America for 20million dollars when they learned that the USA has far superiorbattleship and ammuniti

What is the condition of Philippine claim in Sabah?

Sabah is part of the Philippine terretory as stated in the Grade IV book used by our elementary students right now. Teaching our children of this claim, it should be exercise

Why do the Philippines claim the Sabah?

Because logically the Sabah is rightfully in the Philippine territory. It was just LEASED by Muslims residing in there who always love to claim things as their own regardless

What is the history of sabah claim?

FOR BETTER INFO PLS REFER TO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabah THIS IS MINE: i wish too that this will be discussed again AND I THINK!!! that the claim is upon to the presen

Should the Philippine government continue to assert its claims for Sabah?

I CANT SA MUCH BUT i have 70% on agreeing that the government should continue first they should let the sultan of sulu to figure it out to whom it should be given because it w

Why does Malaysia claim the Spratly Islands and Sabah when the Philippines claims them too?

Malaysia did not have interest in the spratlys, But when thephilippines started exploring the island and found gas and oilresserve malaysian goverment suddenly had interest is

How strong are the claims of the Philippines on claiming spratly island and sabah?

Because Philippines is the only Country near in Sabah and Spratly Island and also the Philippines has a Right to Claim it it is on the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippin

What is your stand on sabah claimed by the Philippines?

Up to present, Malaysia is still renting Sabah to Philippines. Yes, the Philippines can get it back because it legally belongs to the Sultanate of Sulu (Philippines). The Best

It is reasonable that Malaysia will govern Sabah as State owned by the Philippines?

No. It is not reasonable. Sabah is part of the Philippines according to the Law. Malaysia just got a hold to Sabah temporarily as they are closed to British who been leased

Do Philippines need to contest to the International Court of Justice for the government take over to Sabah?

No! The Philippine must have to send troops and order the state of Sabah anytime as it is under the Philippine Territory. Sabah is longing to have the Philippine Government fo