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What is the relationship between Information Technology and computers?

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Information Technology is a 'classification' term that defines all components of the systems that gather, share and store information. A computer is a component of the 'IT' division. Other components are the Network devices (routers, switches, hubs, etc.), communication devices (Modems, PBXs, etc.), storage devices (optical drives, mass storage drives, back up units, etc.), etc.
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Is there any difference between the computer science and information technology?

Of course :) 1. Computer Science is the science of computers while Information Technology may or may not use computers. Of course there is a big overlap but in general comput

What is difference between computer engineering and information technology engineering?

Computer engineering Computer engineers usually have training in electronic engineering (or electrical engineering, s/w design, and hardware-software integration to develop co

What is the difference between Computer Technology and Information Technology?

\n. \n Difference Between Technologies \n. \nComputer Technology deals more with hardware usage and building/repairing PC's, networks, etc, while Information Technology

What is the difference between information technology and computer science?

This question is very tricky and needs to be answered very carefully. The basic difference is that information technology is about transmitting information and gathering it,

What is the difference between computer information technology and computer information systems?

  Computer Information Technology refers to hardware (PC's, servers, networks etc) and the associated operating system software (broadly computer software in general can o

What is the difference between computer science and information technology?

At the most basic level, Computer Science is a "Hard" Science, well grounded in what is now known in the field of Mathematics as Information Theory. Computer Science (as a fie

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  Answer   Information technology (IT)is a broad subject concerned with technology and other aspects of managing and processing information, especially in large orga

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Answer . \nThat's kinda like the difference between an x-ray machine and the field of medicine. a computer is just a tool, like the x-ray or stethoscope. information techno

Relationship between information system and information technology?

Good question! Information system is a bit personal and is business oriented as it focuses on inference and application of computing in the corporate domain. Whereas, informat

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No, there is no relationship at all.   There are two types of night vision systems:    IR night vision - also called FLIR (forward looking IR), use an  IR sensor to