What is the remote code for a magnavox converter box TB100MW9 converter box with a direct tv remote?

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There is no known code for this, what you have to do is if you have one of the white topped remotes is the following.
Turn Converter on
Move selector to AV1 or AV2
Press and Hold Mute and Select for 5-7 Seconds, the led light over your AV selection will light up a few times
Press the following buttons "9911"
Press power
Keep pressing channel up until the box turns off
Press Select to lock in code
Try pressing power to see if it works

I know the code search works, but you won't have access to the menu, and I wouldn't mess with anything but the channel up and down or power, the rest of the buttons don't work, and one of them turns volume down, but there isn't a working volume up button.

I do know the Magnavox dtv convertors use the same codes as the TV's, so you can use the Directv.com remote program guide as well.

The following code is the most popular for your brand.

Setup Instructions
  1. Set the "Mode Switch" to AV1 or AV2.
  1. Press and hold the "Mute" button and the "Select" button until the visible LED blinks twice.
  1. Enter the 5 digit Code above.
  1. Try your new code.
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The code for a sanyo rmt-u220 remote adapting to a magnavox tv any help out there?

I have this remote, and needed the same help. I looked up another Sanyo remote model and just used those numbers for Magnavox and finally found one that worked.. 113, 115, 145, 149, 132, 133, 135, 101, 102, 104, 111, 112, 117, 121, 123, 129. Just hold down the "TV" button and try each of these, th (MORE)

What are codes for Emerson TV using direct TV remote?

Working Code for Emerson LC320EM9 !!! The following code worked for me... 1864 . I have an Emerson LC320EM9 32", and a SuddenLink Cable box, with a Motorola Universal Remote, that came with my cable box. I was about to give up hope, that there was a code for this TV, but found this one online so (MORE)

What is the remote code for a Magnavox TB100MW9 converter box with an RCA remote?

Found a solution that works well... I picked up a Sony RM-VL600 universal remote with learning capability. With this unit, I've been able to program all the functions of the TB100MW9 DTV Converter box. I picked up this unit at Walmart for $25, but have seen it on Amazon for as little as $16. (MORE)

What is the magnavox MWC245T tv code on a comcast remote?

Two easy suggestions.. 1) Trick: pre-pend a 1 to the code.. Some have found by just adding an additional "1" in-front of the comcast remote code works.. For, example,. My Magnavox codes found at:. http://www.comcast.com/MediaLibrary/1/2/CM/VanityURL/documents/comcast_dvr_remote_manual.pdf. wer (MORE)

What is the code for rca rcr312w universal remote for direct tv box?

I want to tell you what just worked for me.... 1. Turn the component on that you want to program. 2. Press and hold that component key (TV, VCR/DVD, or SAT/CBL) on your remote. 3.Press ON/OFF button until your unit turns off.. 4. Press Stop button to program the "code" that you remote found to w (MORE)

What are the remote codes for a Vizio TV on a Scientific Atlanta Cable box model 4250hdc?

I have the same box and tv, if your remote is the same "model AT8560" there is not a code listed for Vizio, but you can do a code scan and it will program. Make sure the tv is turned on, and to enter code scan hold down the 'TV' and 'Select/OK' buttons until all the buttons on top start flashing. Th (MORE)

What is the government coupon for tv convert boxes?

it is a red card provided by the govt that ihas a value of 40 dollars and you can only use to buy a converter box on authorized retailer, most of the converter boxest cost between 50 and 60 bucks so you have to put some money ps. they are not completely free but they are affordable by alot of pe (MORE)

What are the Direct TV remote control codes for an element TV?

There are four different remote controls for DirecTV. I am unable to find the code that you are looking for but there is a search feature you can use. I remember I needed to do this with one of my devices. This should work on all of the DirecTV remotes. Here are the steps: Set the MODE switch (MORE)

Tb110mw9 converter box codes for universal remote?

The FCC expressly prohibits the use or modification to allow use of any other remote for converter boxes as part of a provision by the cable and satellite companies included in the law. Universal remote capability amounts to unfair competition. Hacking the converter boxes by using a remote not inclu (MORE)

Convert a direct tv box to cable?

i have a direct tv samsung dvr 2 channel, i want to hook it up to my basic cable. i dont have a cable box just a coax cord. all i want to do is record my programs. please help will

What is the universal remote code for magnavox tv and vcr model mc132dmg01?

I bought a RCA Universal Remote Control (Model RCRN03BR) and had to use a VCR code to make this TV/VCR work. The code begins with a "2" because it is a VCR Code. TV's start with a "1". The code is 20081 . With this remote, you must do the advance programming to reassign the DVD/VCR button to VCR (MORE)

Problem with your TV and the converter box?

To connect a digital TV converter box, follow these steps: 1. Disconnect antenna from TV 2. Connect antenna to antenna connection on Converter box. 3. Connect an antenna cable from the converter box to the TV's antenna connection. 4. Turn the TV to channel 3, turn on the converter box, and fo (MORE)

Will the batteries being dead in the remote keep the green light from coming on in your digital tv converter box?

If the batteries in a remote are dead, the only result is that the remote control won't work. It won't in any way affect the operation of the device that it controls. If the converter box is in standby, then the remote won't turn it on if it has dead batteries. If the converter is on, then it shoul (MORE)

What is the rca l40fhd41yx9 remote code for direct tv?

surfing the Internet, there is no code for this TV. It was probablymade from 2004 to 2010. Just wasted 3 hours trying to make it workwith Dish? Looks like we are stuck with 2 remotes. A replacementremote is available for the TV, it sells for $39.95 L40FHD41 is theremote number.

How do you program dish network remote to work magnavox tv?

The steps below can assist you in programming the remote to your Magnavox TV or any other TV with our DISH remotes. Addressing Remote to TV: 1.) Press and hold the clear TV button until all mode lights light up. 2.) Release and TV light will be blinking. 3.) Enter code and press #. The TV (MORE)

What digital TV converter boxes are compatible with a Phillips TV?

Most all boxes are compatible with all tv sets. The converter box will have multiple outputs to connect to the input of the tv set. If the set has the red, blue and green connectors, look for a converter box that has the same outputs. This type of connection will render the best picture.

Can you program a cox remote to work with a digital converter box?

remotes that are built for cable boxes like the cox remote is a universal remote control. although this is a universal remote, it normally will only work with cox digital converter cable boxes. therefore if the digital converter box that you want to control is from cox or motorola (or similar suppor (MORE)

Does a universal remote work for magnavox dtv converter model number tb100mg9?

Most universal remote controls will handle most devices. However, there are many different universal remote controls so it's important to ask the question about each model. If a supplier can't give you a definitive answer, then make sure you have an option to return it if it doesn't perform as you e (MORE)

Where can one get a TV converter box?

One can get a TV converter box online at many sites. Some sites include Amazon, eBay, Walmart. CostCaptain, and RadioShack. These are popular site which sells TV converter boxes for about $30-40.

What is the main advantage of TV converter boxes?

The main advantage of TV converter boxes is the ability to receive, transmit and display television broadcast signals to consumer viewers without a cable TV channel subscription. TV converter boxes produce higher quality picture and sound, and usually offer on-screen program information.

Where can one find Direct TV remote control codes?

One can find Direct TV remote control codes by following instructions when setting up their TV. Turn the TV on and set the remote to "TV". If one does the setting up correctly, the TV will turn off when the code is right.