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What is the salary of a Social Security Disability judge?

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The Social Security Disability Administration uses federal administrative law judges (ALJs), who have a base salary range of $103,900 - $155,500 (annual) or $8,658 - $12,958 (month) in 2010.
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What is the salary of a Social Security Judge?

The starting salary of an Administrative Law (Social Security)Judge is about $116,000 to $129,000 per year. The pay goes up quitedramatically as the years and experience mount

Is social security disability taxable?

it depends, there are some regions or countries that allow tax on your SSN, and some are don't include or don't get tax on it.... See below link: http://official-online-

How do you receive Social Security Disability?

Well first you need to apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration. You can apply at your local SSA office or by calling the 1-800 number.

Can a person get disability and Social Security?

When people refer to "Social Security," they general mean retirement benefits. SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance, which is paid from the same fund, but available on

Social security disability hearing?

This happens after you are denied twice. A person applies and is denied, then applies for reconsideration and is denied. At this point they go to a hearing with an administrat

Can a judge lock someone up for not working when they are drawing Social Security Disability?

Not for that particular reason alone. But if you are being tried in front of that judge because investigation has disclosed that you are drawing SSDI fraudulently, of course,

Is social security disability taxed?

Potentially, yes-it depends on your income level. The amount taxed could be very low. In general, up to 50 percent of your SSDI benefits may be taxed, which is determined by a

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How is Social Security Disability taxed?

Social security disability and social security benefits are the same thing and would be subject to income on your correctly completed 1040 income tax return When you have othe

Can Social Security disability be garnished?

Yes, but only the federal government can garnish your Social Security check, and only for limited purposes, such as payment of child support, alimony, delinquent taxes, and de

How does Social Security Disability get funded?

SSDI or social security disability insurance is a paid into program. People receiving it must have worked 20 of the last 40 quarters (5 consecutive years) and are paid money e