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Misses vs. Women Sizes Misses are for people who have a more slender, skinnier frame and waistline and are technically geared toward the teenager population who are still growing. Women's sizes are for the older woman with the curvier figure (not to be confused with overweight).
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How do junior and misses clothing sizes differ?

 When changing the body types, keep in mind that the junior sizes  are 2 inches smaller in the hip and bust than the misses.   Here's the size table in inches. Regular

What is the difference between junior and misses sizes in women's clothing?

Juniors is a section made specifically for teenagers and tend to follow younger people's trends. This is in general a tighter fit for shirts and pants for girls and tend to be

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What is the difference between Ms and Miss?

Miss used to mean an unmarried female, officially a 'spinster', a young woman or someone who had allegedly Missed out. An unmarried aunt was often referred to as a 'maiden aun

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What is the difference between 'Miss' and 'Ms'?

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