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What is the statistical definition of a quadratic effect?

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an effect that is impacted by the power of 2
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What is the definition of statistics?

Statistics is the science of making effective use of numerical data relating to groups of individuals or experiments. A poll is a good example of the use of statistics. Take f

What are the definitions of statistics?

organization and interpretation of numerical data.... examples   number of accidents per year resulting in fatalities.   number of idividual products sold a month at th

The definition of education statistics?

Educational Statistics is defined as the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data specifically meant for the education sector.

What is definition of a simulation in statistics?

     a way to model random events, such that simulated outcomes closely match real-world outcomes. By observing simulated outcomes, researchers gain insight on the re

What is definition of statistic?

Statistic is a fact or piece of data from a study of a largequantity of numerical data.