What is the summary of indigo by Louis fischer?

what is the summary of the chapter indigo by Louis fischer?
this story portraits Gandhi's struggle for the poor peasants of champaran. A sharecropper named rajkumar shukla compelled him to visit champaran because of the long term injustice of landlords.Then the two of them boarded a train for the city of patna in bihar. From there shukla led him to the house of a lawyer named rajendra prasad. Mahatma Gandhi's humble and simple attire made the servants mistook him as another poor peasant. He surveyed before taking any vital step in order to get those peasants justice. It was the time when british government punished those who in any condition gave shelter to national leaders or protesters. Gandhi's arrival and the nature of his mission spread like a wildfire. Many lawyers and peasant groups came in large numbers to support him. The lawyers accepted the fact that their charges were high and for a poor peasant it will be an irk. Gandhiji rebuked them for collecting big fee from the sharecroppers. He stressed on counseling as this would give the peasants enough confidence to fight their fear.
Most of arable land in the champaran district was divided into large estate owned by Englishmen and worked by Indian tenants. The chief commercial crop was indigo. The landlords compelled all tenants to plant 15% of their indigo and surrender the entire indigo harvest as rent. This was done by long term contract.The British didn't need the indigo crop any more when Germany had developed synthetic indigo. Just to release the peasants from the 15% agreement they demanded compensation. some illiterate peasants agreed but the others refused.
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The summary of indigo by Louis fischer?

This story portraits Gandhi's struggle for the poor peasants of champaran. A sharecropper named rajkumar shukla compelled him to visit champaran because of the long term injus (MORE)

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