What is the technology behind an automatic door?

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Automatic doors use a motion sensor, or optical sensor. The sensors are usually based at the top of the door, slightly in front of it, so that it can detect when someone becomes near to the door and trigger it to open as a result. They are ideal for busy shops or industrial buildings, where having regular doors may cause congestion or be a safety hazard.
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Disable automatic door locks?

According to the owners manuel(1997 XLT) it can be DISABLED by: - Entering your permanent five digit entry code (not the user code you may have set). - Within five seconds, pr

Automatic door locks not working?

Unknown if you are referring to the keychain 'remote' or the vehicle switch. If the remote: Check the battery in the remote for need of replacement, if it still doesn't work,

Why do the doors automatically lock?

well it is protecting u and doent want any one to hurt u and making sure u are not acting like a ding dong . also it helps baby and dogs from escaping. when i was trying to ge

How does a automatic door work?

There are many types of automatic doors (roll up, sliding, swinging). All have a signal input that, once activated, sends a signal to a control unit that will start the moto

Automatic Technology Australia remote control garage door openers model PTX 4...how do i reset remote to open and close garage door?

This is Jessica.C from Ahouse Gate Opener. We are ISO9001 Certificated Factory, established in 1992. Ahouse technology Taiwan, China., we design and production. We specilized

Why are automatic doors important?

Automatic doors are important because they give people with handicaps an easier access to their everyday places, as well as make life that much easier for everyday people.

My automatic door locks do not work. Why?

Do they work when buttons are pushed? If so, perhaps need to be re-programmed. If not, check fuses, If good perhaps actuators are bad (but hard to believe all are bad) Perhap
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Why is there door latches when its an automatic door?

"Latches" please Give more detail. The latches I assume you are referring to the handles. The latches or handles are on the door(s) because. Automatic doors need to have
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What is the input of a automatic door?

The automatic door has a special infrared sensor in which a person walks towards the door then the sensor detects that someone in there, it then activates the electromagnets i
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Which companies fit automatic doors?

A variety of companies offer services to fit and install automatic doors into your home or business. Automatic Door Enterprises, Piedmont Door Automation and Automatics Unli
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