What is the timetable of Diploma 3th semester for msbte exam winter 2008?

What is the timetable of Diploma 3th semester for msbte exam winter 2008?
show me diploma 3rd semester timetable summer 08(in Electrical engineering)
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  28th feb- 2nd language   29th feb- 1st language   3rd march- phy 1   4th march- phy 2 5th march- chem 1   7th march- chem 2 8th march- bio 1   10th ma (MORE)

What is the date of the MSBTE results for winter 2008?

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE)   Results of the Winter 2008 Diploma Examination shall be declared online:   on MSBTE website www.msbte.com on (MORE)