What is the true art of the dirty joke?

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What is a dirty joke?

A little boy fell in mud. Want to hear a clean joke? A little boy took a bath with bubbles. Want to hear a dirty joke? Bubbles is the girl that lives next door. Wanna hea

What is funny about dirty jokes?

Some people think it is funny but not for some some people that like dirty jokes are the one who say swear words and have the dirty stuff with females su dont get intrasted in

What is a good dirty joke?

Sarah, " OMG! That girl just left him for a person with more money. That means that she's a GOLD DIGGER!" Lucy, "THAT NOSE PICKER!" Sarah, " No Lucy. A Gold Digger is someon

Are there dirty jokes in Disney Pixar movies?

I'm sorry to say this but your childhood is ruined. Yes, yes there are, if your talking about the naked woman in the window in that mouse movie, or if your talking about the s
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What if a boy jokes that he likes you it is true or not?

Okay girls, here's your answer to be able to tell whether a boy really likes your or not: First of all, observe his behaviour and his actions when he's with people like his f