What is the use of instruction decoder?

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Instruction decoder takes bits stored in the instruction register and decodes it and tells to CPU what it need to do for it and enable the components for the operation.

Simply, instruction decoder is like a dictionary. It tells the meaning of the instruction.
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How do you use the decoder to decode messages on Spy Island?

The decoder kit works like this: Match the red letter of the code key to the green letter of the code key. If there is a red Y and a green O as "Y=O", it means you move the c

Difference between Instruction register and instruction decoder?

Instruction register is use to store the next instruction to be executed. Instruction decoder is use to decode the instruction come from the memory and tell the CPU what is

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the US didn't decode the telegram, the British did. the way the British decoded it was they had some German code books they discovered three years earlier, so they used the bo

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'idk im just bored right now....' The answer above here was answered by the first answerer of this question. I'm the second answerer. With all respects, I'll show the second

Why instruction decoder of 8085A is 8 bit?

Decoder is the system which is used to decode or translate the code and make the message again readable. Both encoder and decoder are used where encoding language is applied.

Where can we use decoder?

you can use the decoder in spy island. if you see some mysterious people, (normally in black) talk to them and they may give you a message.

What is instruction decode and operand fetch?

The opcode fetched from the memory is being decoded for the nextsteps and moved to the appropriate registers. . Fetch operands from memory if necessary: If any operands areme
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Where do you use Decoders?

Decoders are just an accumulation of rationale doors which areorchestrated specifically in order to breakdown any blend of inputsto an arrangement of terms that are good to go
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What do you mean by the instruction register and decoder?

Instruction Register is where the instruction bit pattern is loaded for execution. Instruction Decoder is all the hardware logic that is cascade triggered by the instruction b