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What is the value of World War II rationing coupons dated 1945?

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What products did World War 2 ration books have coupons for?

Answer   OK some of the products were stockings, shoes, food ( eggs,sugar,coffee,meats)and gas. That's about all i know   In Great Britain everything was rationed be

What was War ration coupons?

War ration coupons were coupons used during world war two and they were considered money. You would use them to buy your food, but because the food levels were so low, you cou

What was not rationed in the US during World War II?

people rationed many things so that the military forces could get supplies. Not everything was rationed though. things like pens and paper were not rationed. people tried to e

What were rations in World War II?

Rations were limits on food that you could typically buy. For example, in Anne Frank's Diary, they were in the annex of Anne's father's work office, hiding from the Nazi polic

What was happening after World War II ended in 1945?

Many things happened after WW2. Different things happened in different countries but as I am from England I shall write about what happened to us. Due to the fact that there